Matt Gaetz Needs to be Investigated for Homosexual Child Kidnapping

When I saw Matt Gaetz go nuts on a black Congressman, saying that he too understands what it means to worry about a black son because he has an adopted black son, I thought “oh yes, because of course.”

I pictured a David French type situation, where he and his wife had adopted an African child as a prop.

This behavior absolutely disgusts me beyond words, as when you use this “I can say this because of my black son” line, you give full credibility to the leftist narrative. We do not need black sons to comment on black matters. We are Americans, blacks are in our country, and we can say whatever we want about them. We do not need moral permission beyond “this is our country.”

However, as the details of the Gaetz situation unfolded, something much darker than what I had reflexively assumed emerged.

After the confrontation, where Gaetz believed he got mad points for showing that he indeed has a right to have an opinion on black riots and abolishing the police because he has a black son, Gaetz tweeted out some some the details of the situation.

But there were more details for me to discover.

When I saw the tweet, I was then thinking, “oh, okay, so it’s a Cuban that he and his wife adopted…”

But despite Gaetz looking much older than he is, I knew that he was an early Millennial of 38 years, and this boy is an adult of 19 years, meaning he and his wife would have had to have adopted him when Gaetz was 19. Most people don’t get married at 19, let alone adopt kids, I thought. Surely, he still would have been in college.

Then I found out that he’d only been “raising” the Cuban boy since he was 12. So, when he was 31, he and his wife, who is probably the same age as him, adopted a 12-year-old boy, I thought. Kinda weird, but okay.

Then, the fact that unveils the full darkness of the situation was revealed: Gaetz is not married.

When he was 31, he invited a 12-year-old boy to come live with him, in his house, alone. He now somehow considers the boy his “son.”

The two appeared on Tucker Carlson (I don’t blame Tucker, because he didn’t know the details either, and probably just assumed like we all did that Gaetz is married, and plus the interview would have been set up by a producer, not him personally – Gaetz would have just called Fox and asked to be on prime time), and watching the interview you can witness these bizarre dynamics.

Have you ever heard of a situation like this in your life?

I hate that homosexuality exists at all, and creates a situation where every male relationship has to be questioned, but it does exist and this has to be questioned. And I can’t imagine that this situation is something other than very dark. I can imagine a situation of being in my early 30s and wanting to mentor a 12-year-old boy. I can also possibly – and this is a stretch – imagine a situation where if a relative was 12 and was going through problems at home, I would give him a room in my house to stay at if he needed to.

I cannot imagine offering that to a stranger, in any situation. Furthermore, I cannot possibly imagine that I would be referring to the boy as “my son,” or saying “he is my life.”

Furthermore, Gaetz has admitted that he did not legally adopt the boy. The arrangement details remain unclear. It is unclear where the boy came from. Latinos have extended family networks, particular Cubans in Miami, so if his parents couldn’t care for him for whatever reason, he would probably have 30 different options of cousins, uncles, second cousins, third uncles, etc. to go live with.

The fact that he had kept the boy secret adds a whole other layer of bizarreness. It made sense when I thought it was a black child adopted by him and his wife, that he’d dropped the reveal as a political attack in a dramatic moment, but the fact that he invited a pubescent stranger to live alone with him would have, one would assume, provided a touching tale for him to tell while working his way up in the political system – if it was what he says it is.

This absolutely appears like a pederasty situation, where Gaetz brought a 12-year-old Cuban boy into his home for sexual purposes.

Gaetz is visibly a homosexual. From the pictures also, you can see homosexual vibes.

Most politicians appear to be either pedophiles or satanic child rapists. The fact that Gaetz is a Republican may allow for this whole thing to be blown wide open.

We need an investigation, NOW.