Matt Gaetz Declares He’s Ready for a 2024 Presidential Run (I’m In)

Matt Gaetz is the best we have in Congress, save maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene. He’s better than Greene in theory because he’s not a woman.

I’ve typically had a problem with him because he’s weird, and I had presumed he was a homosexual. However, his recent fake sex scandal, wherein he was the victim of an FBI entrapment plot involving Mossad agents, made me believe he is 100% legit.

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I do still think he’s a weird person (the plaid is just way too much), but realize: these are weird times.

The claim that he had had sex with teen girls, which was at the core of the plot against him, also implies he is heterosexual. However, if he is a closeted homosexual, that is not really my business.

The problem with him (or Ron DeSantis or anyone else) running for president is that there is no possible way they could ever win. As Gaetz well knows, as we all well know, the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats. They now have full control of the federal government, so the idea that they would allow a Republican to win an election, after they’ve stolen an election to gain power, is simply nonsensical. It is a stupid waste of time and energy.

This week, he told the New York Post he is thinking of running:

He may be facing allegations of sex trafficking of a minor, but Rep. Matt Gaetz still has his eye on a 2024 presidential bid — as long as former President Donald Trump does not decide to run.

“I support Donald Trump for president. I’ve directly encouraged him to run and he gives me every indication he will,” the Florida Republican texted The Post Wednesday. “If Trump doesn’t run, I’m sure I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024.”

Gaetz — who saw a swift rise in national prominence after first being elected in 2016, making a name for himself as one of Trump’s most vocal allies — has found few friends within the House GOP conference, with his penchant for political stunts and embrace of self-promotion proving to be a thorn in leadership’s side.

The Post doesn’t seem to like him.

The Post is better than basically every other right-wing website in America (including and especially Breitbart, which is now just a Jewish anti-American hate site), but it is still very Jewish.

But his unapologetic brand of conservatism has landed him a devoted fan base among some far-right supporters.

Since the start of the 117th Congress, Gaetz has held several rallies across the country, the first of which took aim at Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) — one of the former president’s most vocal critics in Congress who was recently ousted from her leadership position due to her “Never Trump” stance, who has not ruled out a potential 2024 bid —  in her home state in an effort to rally support against her.

He has since teamed up with controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — who was ousted from her committee assignments following a string of inflammatory comments and recently came under fire for comparing coronavirus restrictions to the Holocaust — on a national “America First Tour.”

The duo recently held rallies at The the Villages in Florida and in Mesa, Ariz., with more on the docket. One source said the events drew in more than 1,000 attendees.

Gaetz — who has more rallies in the works — is also slated to be the keynote speaker at the Nashua GOP “steak out” in New Hampshire, an early primary state and key swing state, in August.

The rallies are good. That is fine.

I also understand supporting Donald Trump, because of his level of popularity, even though Trump is obviously a net negative at this point and a serious liability.

I will also just say as a matter of fact that I think Gaetz is a better option than Ron DeSantis. The latter is also okay, but he is devoted to Israel. Gaetz doesn’t talk about Israel. The “Israel First” thing has to be dumped. It is a millstone around the neck of Republicans that makes it impossible for them to succeed.

The biggest problem here is the basic concept of running for president at all.

However, I can see that even a good, patriotic American would not have any idea what else to do.

So – whatever.

My position is and has been that the good people in the Republican Party should be pushing for secession. I’ve been all the way through this problem in my brain, and though secession is a long shot, it is the single idea that makes any sense, as it is the only thing that is even theoretically capable of leading to a good outcome.

What I will say is this: it is clear that the Democrats are in 2024 going to let a Republican candidate run for president. We are not yet at the point where they just totally shut that down. If you combine that with the fact that most Republican voters are not psychologically capable – yet – of admitting that victory is impossible, then I guess we should have the best candidate possible running, even if we know he can’t win.

This would then be the ideal scenario: Gaetz should run for president on a platform of secession.

Simple math:

  • We have no better vehicle than Matt Gaetz
  • There is no better platform than running for president to get ideas out there
  • Secession is the idea we need to get out there

Gaetz could appeal to both Republicans (white men, married white women, a few old Christian blacks*) and Democrats (unmarried white women and everyone else) with the argument: “we can’t live together anymore.”

It is simply a plain fact at this point: we cannot live with each other anymore. Everyone, left or right, can see that. The vaxx issue and the wider coronavirus issue, the race stuff, trannies, freedom of speech, support for multinational corporations like Amazon and Facebook, abolishing the police, socialism, the leftist-globalist war agenda – there just is no more common ground. Leftists have to understand that as well as we do.

Of course, the uni-party of Democrats and establishment conservatives (basically every Republican member of Congress other than Gaetz, Greene and maybe 4-5 others) won’t want separation. But I think the people on both sides want it.

The left:

  • Thinks that the right is trying to infect them with a deadly virus
  • Thinks we’re trying to kill black people
  • Thinks we are hurting trannies out of hatred for the mutilation of the genitals
  • Can’t tolerate our free speech
  • Doesn’t want anyone pushing back on their big business agenda
  • Wants to abolish the police and create anarchy on the streets
  • Wants to implement total socialist type controls over people’s lives
  • Wants all of these wars

I’m sure they also get off on the idea of forcing all of this on conservatives, but if they could get total control in their own states, and the ability to implement all of their agendas immediately with no pushback, they would choose that over the sadistic desire to try to force it on normal white people.

If Gaetz were to force the issue: “why don’t we just separate?”, he could get Kamala Harris (who I assume would be his opponent) to concede that this would be better for everyone.

Then, after the election is stolen yet again, the country would finally be ready for secession rallies, and the left would have an impossible time explaining why we are not allowed to leave.

So, I’m In

This probably all sounds crazy. In fact, I hope it sounds crazy, because it is crazy.

However: there is no other option. That is the plain fact. This is the only course that makes any sense.

It’s easy to criticize and say “that’s crazy and won’t work,” but unless someone can come up with something better, then this has to be the plan. And trust me – there is nothing better (but go ahead and look around or try to figure something out and get back to me). Clearly, it is not statistically likely that these events will happen, but it is technically possible. N0thing else is even possible in theory.

Last month, Gaetz shouted out Nick Fuentes after the latter was put on a no-fly list for being right-wing.

So he has already reached out to the Groypers. He is aware of the movement. He would court their support, and this would end up bringing a lot of attention to Fuentes. With this influence, he would be willing to talk about the secession plan. Normal Americans would support it (again, both right and left would support it).

Secession is the singular hope for the future. Even if it were impossible (and it isn’t, technically), we have to fight for it, because it is the right thing to do. As of May 28, 2021, a Matt Gaetz candidacy is the single path forward that I see for America.

We have to remember: God is on our side, and with God, impossible things become possible.

Therefore, I endorse Matt Gaetz for President.

*Yes, we must include Christian black people. They are a tiny fraction of the black population, and even if you don’t want them, you’re not going to convince the average conservative to say “form a new white racial homeland.” Therefore, you have to include right-wing blacks. However, here’s the thing: once we separate, the Democrat half of the country would have to have a “right of return” for the blacks, and we would be able to push a “love it or leave it” agenda, calling for any blacks that hate America to move to blue America. The 10% of blacks that support White, Christian America are by far the least of our problems. The biggest problem in this agenda would be the Jews like Ben Shapiro and those of Breitbart. Jews hedge their bets always, and there would be Jews lining up to support a secession movement, planning to then control both sides and eventually start some kind of war between them. We would avoid this by continually pushing that we want a CHRISTIAN nation. You can say that. As the leftist agenda gets more extreme control (or rather, as the extreme control they already have becomes clearer to the average Republican), rightists will be able to say more extreme things. But right now, the furthest you can push this is Christian Nationalism. People who try to claim “it’s not hardcore enough” are trying to hurt us. Reality is reality, and you can’t change it by being really hardcore on the internet. Nick Fuentes has proved that we need to simply go step-by-step. We are already in the middle of this process. Alex Jones is now basically fully on-board, Gaetz will get on-board. People either understand the final agenda or they will soon enough, but we have to meet people where they are. Therefore: Issue a Greeting to Triumph! Say Hello to Winning!