Materialism Linked to Depression in Children, Study Says

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2015

A depressed young victim of Jewish materialism.
A depressed young victim of Jewish materialism.

We already know that materialism is an undesirable aspect of a people’s character and culture.

But now science has provided us with an interesting, though unsurprising, study that asserts a connection between materialism and childhood depression.

Daily Mail:

A study of youngsters aged between nine and 12 found those who believed happiness was linked to money, fame and beauty were more likely to suffer depression.

Among a group of 400 children, 16 reported levels of clinical depression while 112 were found to be vulnerable to depression in future, experts told the British Psychological Association’s annual conference in Bournemouth.

The research, led by Dr Helen Street from Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Western Australia, focused on children’s beliefs about happiness and how these related to their goals in life.

A significant relationship was identified between the children’s understanding of happiness and their vulnerability to depression.

Materialistic sentiments would not exist within our children or our people as a whole if it weren’t for Judeo-Capitalism.

End childhood depression. Scrap Judeo-Capitalism.