Masters of Terror: State Department Issues “Do Not Travel” on 80% of the World Because of Coronavirus

The US State Department have become the “Masters of Terror,” planning to issue false “do not travel” warnings on 80% of all countries, telling the moronic and babylike citizens of America that they will die of coronavirus.

Level 4 is the highest level of warning, generally reserved for countries that are at war. Now, 80% of countries are getting this, because the government AKA your mommy is scared you could catch the flu.

On Monday, these deranged freaks said they would be updating the warnings to “better reflect the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) science-based Travel Health Notices,” which will result in level 4 ratings for “approximately 80% of countries worldwide.”

Just to repeat again: this is literally the State Department telling you that you might die from the flu if you travel to a foreign country, and in fact, the risk of that is so high that you should only travel there on “essential business.”

We still have no evidence of a pandemic in our own country, but I guess it is easier to claim there is a pandemic in another country, where you can’t walk outside and see that there is no pandemic. But I can tell you: I’ve got friends all over the world and there is no pandemic.

During the Black Plague, which really happened, they were loading up bodies all day long. They were literally piling up in the street, and the king had to hire a 24/7 team of body removers.

They were putting red crosses on doors. Have you seen a red cross on anyone’s door in your neighborhood?

No. You haven’t seen that.

There are no red crosses on any doors anywhere in the world, because even if you believe the insane lies of Anthony Fauci, this supposedly deadly virus has a 99.97% survival rate – which is much higher than for malaria, encephalitis and other diseases that exist in countries that did not previously have a level 4 warning.

I literally know several people who have had family members die of encephalitis in Asia.

I don’t know anyone, anywhere in the world, who knows anyone who has died of the coronavirus.

The Point Here

Of course, I don’t think most people read State Department travel warnings before they travel.

That’s not the point: the point is, they are eventually going to tell you you can’t leave the country, and adding these warnings is a part of the progression towards that place. Everything that is happening is happening on a timeline of the creation of a global authoritarian government.

They are going to lock you down. They don’t want people moving around. I can tell you that much. The days of free travel are over.

If you’re not looking at everything and thinking “how does this fit into the bigger picture?” then you’re not going to understand anything.