Master Troll Zac Efron Gets Total Face Reconstructed to Look Like Gigachad Meme

Zac Efron used to be a standard and generically handsome person from something. I guess he’s been in movies. But no one really remembered.

Well, they’re going to remember him now.

Now, he’s pulled the ultimate troll, and gotten his face restructured to look like the gigachad meme.

He debuted his hilarious new plastic surgery on Bill Nye’s Earth Day! The Musical video on Facebook.

Efron has taken the art of trolling to a new level. The only thing he cares about is the lulz. He did this exclusively to mock the ridiculousness of Bill Nye.

But hey – awesome face anyway. Efron was already jacked up on steroids, which is probably why his brain was able to think of this awesome troll.

This is definitely something he will not regret.

Nye was so burned.