Master Race Trump Shows Mercy on Maggot Trudeau After He Begged on His Knees

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Trump is a bigger man than I.

Never would I have shown mercy on the simpering whelp Trudeau, no matter how many buckets he filled with his tears.

LA Times:

In an eleventh-hour breakthrough that may have saved the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trump administration and top Canadian officials came to terms late Sunday on a deal — opening the way for the United States, Canada and Mexico to sign a renewed trade pact at the end of November.

The agreement still needs to be ratified by legislatures in all three countries, which won’t happen until next year at the earliest. But in striking an accord with Canada after settling with Mexico in late August, negotiators hit a crucial U.S.-imposed Sunday midnight deadline that otherwise could have pushed President Trump toward a break-up of the trilateral accord.

The U.S.-Canada deal came after furious negotiations in recent days and repeated threats from Trump and his chief negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, that the administration was prepared to leave Canada behind.

The agreement marks a milestone in Trump’s efforts to rewrite the United States’ most consequential free-trade pact, which he promised to overhaul or tear up. And it may help soften criticisms of his overbearing negotiating style and heavy use of tariffs, as the administration can now lay claim that it successfully completed a revamping of a major trade agreement.


These sickening Jews, women and homosexuals in the Jewish media claimed that it was this horrible, horrible thing, the world would end, the planet would start shaking on its axis if Trump dared question the globalist order of international trade.

In fact, he won big.

Everyone was forced to bend the knee, and he got everything he wanted.

To be fair, Justin Trudeau is a man used to being on his knees – so the motion was natural.

But he is used to getting on his knees for brown people, upon whomst cocks he sucks – not natural is it for he to bow down to a MASTER RACE EMPEROR who controls a savagely violent empire of ultimate power.

Though we got the best trade deal, the problem is obviously going to be the rat Trudeau trying to sneak marijuana through in his products.

It is part of the Canadian agenda to flood America with marijuana so that our people will be as stupid as theirs. Mutually assured low testosterone from marijuana addiction. We are going to have to implement the death penalty for Canadian drug traffickers.

Mama Merkel, the bear dyke, could learn a thing or two from Justin the knee-beggar.

But she is probably too butch-aggro to learn any lesson, ever.

America is a kind nation. But we do not forgive, and we will completely destroy you and erase your memory from existence.