Master Plan Unfolds: Russia is Just Arresting Everyone as Anal Revolt Continues

Okay, so.

Russians never predicted that the US intelligence agencies and State Department would use color revolution tactics against them. Even though they’d already done it in Georgia, and tried it in the Ukraine.

But then in early 2014, the State Department overthrew the government of the Ukraine, using this method.

So now, Russia has had seven entire years to plan for a color revolution in Moscow.

When they decided to allow Alexi Navalny to enter the country, and then just put him in jail, I thought “surely, they must have a reason for this – it must fit into their plan, somehow.”

But their ultimate master plan is… to arrest everyone?

There were ostensibly 5000 arrests.

It is all about Navalny, a neo-Nazi who wants to turn the country full-anal.

This might be good optics in most of Russia. It’s not good optics internationally, of course, but the US is sort of losing the ability to say “OMG police state” and have it mean much.

However, there is a bigger issue: the Western intelligence services have unlimited resources. They can keep this going indefinitely.

Furthermore, this will eventually mean that Russia has to become a closed country, like during the USSR times. I don’t really see how that is avoidable. The propaganda coming through Facebook is the main driver of this.

China foresaw what it would mean to have unlimited American disinformation coming through the internet, and developed a high-tech society that also had restrictions on big tech operating in the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave a great speech via Zoom to the Davos Forum, and complained about the fact that these tech companies are now rivaling states. That’s great, and true. But Russia had the opportunity, decades ago, to block these tech companies. It would have been great for the Russian economy as well, to develop their own tech. They didn’t do that. Instead, they let Facebook, Google and the rest operate in their country with impunity, and create an entire generation of youth who think that living in the West is somehow good or exciting or not hellish.

It is going to be hard to just turn this off.

I don’t know, man.

I don’t see a path to fixing this using force, unless it is full force.

Frankly, I don’t know if the Russian establishment has the nerve to go full-on. Furthermore, do the majority of government officials even want that? Or are they lining up to stab Putin in the back, and then get a role in some new EU-run government?

This really, really doesn’t look very good at all.

You can have your complaints about Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, or Vladimir Putin. But when there is no White Christian Male in power anywhere in the world, you’re going to look back on the Trump years as the golden age of mankind.

There is no scenario in which the planet doesn’t just keep getting worse and worse, until global society collapses. The best you can really hope for is that the collapse comes sooner rather than later.