Massive Rise in Drug Overdoses Due to Lockdown

Daily Stormer predicted a massive rise in drug abuse and overdoses as a result of the economic collapse caused by the lockdown, but we didn’t expect them to shoot up this fast.

These are probably not a result of economic problems, but a result of the lockdown itself.

For people under the age of 60, more have died from overdoses than of coronavirus – already. This party is just getting started. Opioids in this country are going to reach genocide levels before anything gets better.


Drug overdose cases and deaths are on the rise in dozens of states, and authorities in one Florida county say they believe the coronavirus pandemic is a contributing factor to the sudden increase.

“We know we’re in the middle of a pandemic. People are depressed, people are probably turning to drug and alcohol abuse and use more than they would before,” said Maj. John Budensiek of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

At this time last year in 2019, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office says there were 90 drug overdoses and 14 drug overdose deaths.

Now in 2020, they’ve seen 138 overdoses and 28 drug overdose deaths so far.

“Anytime you have a spike like that it is alarming,” Budensiek said.

They’ve taken three alleged drug dealers off the street in the past few days. Each of them is charged with sale of fentanyl, a very dangerous drug that can be lethal.

Detectives say in order to boost their profits and rake in more money, drug sellers sometimes add fentanyl—which costs a lot less—to heroin and cocaine to increase the number of doses they have to sell.

Wait – they’re adding it to cocaine now?

How does that work?

Some feel the spike in drug overdoses is being fueled by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think a lot of this especially right now we are seeing is coming from COVID-19,” said Caroline Franklin, a clinical therapist at Retreat Behavioral Health, a drug abuse treatment facility in Lake Worth Beach.

Franklin says the coronavirus pandemic has caused more anxiety.

“I think the anxiety is increasing which then sometimes turns people towards drugs,” she said.

With many people out of work due to COVID-19, she says they have more time on their hands.

“A huge portion of people are socially isolated. Whether they were working before or not, an increased amount of depression and anxiety is being seen right now,” Franklin said. “Everyone being home and not having as much interaction with people that they consider their support people, people they care about, can be really detrimental.”

Yeah – the lockdown definitely doesn’t help much for social isolation. In fact, it is the entire purpose of the lockdown. If that is leading to people dying of drug overdoses, then again, you have to wonder: was the purpose of this lockdown to crush people, psychologically? Certainly, they couldn’t have come up with a more efficient way of doing that if they had tried.

This is yet another indictment of coronavirus cultists: they do not care about people dying of drug overdoses. They do not care about the other social and psychological problems caused by this lockdown. They don’t care about the suffering they are causing anymore than they care about the fact that none of their techniques are in any way scientific.

These people are sick and the only thing they care about is embracing their own mental illness and doing what they’re told like good little goyim.

All of this blood is on their hands. Every single person who promoted this hoax is going to have to be made to pay for the hell they’ve brought down on us. That includes the fake white nationalists who went against me and pushed the lockdown hoax for the feds. (Although to be honest, most of those rats have already paid the price – they will never again be considered relevant political commentators by anyone other than the absolute sloppiest fat morons.)

These people said that we were going to hurt people with a virus and their solution was to collapse the economy and destroy society to fight a mild flu.

They are claiming the moral high ground as they burn down the work of generations of men and destroy countless human lives, killing God only knows how many.

I’m so exhausted by people who claim to be high, mighty and morally superior while pushing a totally evil agenda of pure destruction.