Massive Rally in Edinburgh for Scottish Independence is Pointless, Gay

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2019

This is as pointless and gay as the whole Catalonia thing that happened a couple of years ago that everyone has forgotten about since.

No, Scottish independence will not change anything. Yes, this is a futile and pointless exercise. They already had a vote, and every Boomer collecting a pension chickened out at the last minute anyway. Why are we still talking about this?


Tens of thousands of people waved flags and sang songs as they marched through Edinburgh in a huge rally for Scottish independence on Saturday.

A broad range of groups and organizations who support Scotland leaving the United Kingdom attended the All Under One Banner (AUOB) demonstration which kicked off at 1pm local time.

I do not see the point of leaving or joining, seceding or reuniting. That stuff is fake and gay. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what country you live in anymore in Europe when every country is run by mums.

And your Scotland is currently ruled with an Iron Beef Curtain by mummy Nicola Sturgeon.

If I were to march for anything, it would be for an end to the hagocracy that is gaining ground everywhere in Europe, and that we narrowly avoided in America by electing the King of the Jews instead.

We are staring down the barrel of a “Rule by Mummy” totalitarian takeover of all our countries, and no one is talking about it. This despite the fact that half of Europe has already been mummified.

There was that one mummy that tried to convert her entire island-nation to Islam because she was dealing with postpartum depression and on her period when an Epic Gamer decided to try for a new high score – remember her?

There are a lot of lesser-known mums all over Europe too. They’re running countries and parliaments and giant Globalist organizations. I have a couple of favorites.

Here’s Estonia’s mum:

Here’s Norway’s:

Croatia is run by a straight-up soccer mum:

Denmark’s business-chic-looking Prime Minister wants you to know that she thinks Orange Man is Bad:

Iceland is my personal favorite though. They’ve got a Prime Minister with an art student, quirky self-conscious shy girl vibe going that I dig:

But she too is part of the Mum Occupation Government.

Now, if Theresa May were still PM and Scotland wanted freedom from her Hagraven-like clawed grip, then yeah, I would go full Alba Gubra! and call for secession as well.

But with this Nicola Sturgeon woman in charge of the independence effort, it would be just running from a hag into the grips of a bulldyke.

And this brings me to my main point: this whole debate is occurring within the confines of something I like to call the Mummy Sandwich. You can choose what mummy you want, but you must always be supervised by a mum.

Until you address the root of the problem – the mum takeover of our society – you will not be able to make any real lasting cultural changes and stop these ridiculous women from flooding their countries with precious brown children.

That’s just the truth of it, folks. 

At it stands now, I must firmly disavow this mummy-led secession farce in Scotland.

The only movement I support is the Epic Gamer Uprising!