Massive Pro-Trump Protests Across the Country – Media Suppresses!

You’d better get used to the media simply suppressing massive demonstrations against the system by refusing to acknowledge that they happened. Because that is the new order.

We’ve seen a dry-run of this technique this weekend – the massive protests that took place across the country in support of the Real President Donald Trump were not covered at all by the media. Many social media posts showing the event were deleted, but at this point, a few social media posts can slip through.

In the long term, all of these people will be banned from Twitter, and if something happens, you won’t know it happened.

That is why we need massive protests, akin to a general strike, right now.

It’s already begun.

Lansing, Michigan:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

Boston, Massachusetts:

Sacramento, California:

Phoenix, Arizona:

There was a massive rally in Beverly Hills:

That was later declared “unlawful assembly.”

Because it’s apparently illegal to support our President now.

I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice, I’m gonna keep on telling you: you need to get out on the street.

We need bigger protests.

Your country needs you.

Your President needs you.

Get out there and stay out there.

If you can take vacation time, then call off next week. Or call in sick. Do what you have to do. We need you on the street!

Do you remember this?

Remember that.

This isn’t over.

No Surrender.