Massive Cover-Up of Pizzagate Child Sex Ring Allegations

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2016


Comet Ping Pong is a Washington DC pizza place alleged to be at the center of a child sex ring.

Credible allegations have emerged indicating that a Washington DC pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong has been at the epicenter of an elaborate child sex ring. These allegations have become more popularly known as Pizzagate. An active cover up of these allegations appears to be under way by fake news outlets and disreputable social media sites.

Known fake news outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have written articles claiming that Pizzagate is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. They provide no specifics on why the allegations are false and instead expect us to take their word for it. Both newspapers have a track record of manufacturing fake news stories, so there is no way that we can take their stories at face value.

The social media site Reddit just shut down the Pizzagate subreddit which had over 20,000 subscribers. They claimed that the entire subreddit was shut down because personal information was posted. Fair enough, but why not work with the moderators to delete the offending posts, as is routine? What’s the purpose of deleting the entire subreddit? The only purpose would be if Reddit was intentionally trying to suppress discussion of the Pizzagate topic.


Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman was bashed extensively for this with many Reddit users accusing him of being a pedophile and covering up the scandal. He got so flustered that he ended up modifying user posts of Donald Trump supporters in r/The_Donald subreddit. Many posters on r/The_Donald have been extremely critical of the decision to shut down the Pizzagate subreddit.

There’s also been attempts by Twitter to shut down material related to Pizzagate.

The very fact that we see the entire media establishment attempting to put a lid on this story proves that it deserves greater scrutiny.

The Allegations

The Comet Ping Ping restaurant is owned by a faggot named James Alefantis who has been involved in a homosexual relationship with Media Matters founder David Brock. Media Matters is a Marxist propaganda operation originally founded with financing from billionaire Jew George Soros.

Strangely enough, Alefantis was previously named the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC by GQ Magazine. Let’s ask ourselves how a pizza joint owner could possibly be considered one of the most power people in Washington DC. You certainly don’t get into that position by making pizza. You would however if you were providing powerful political figures children to have sex with.


James Alefantis is the sick fag who runs Comet Ping Pong.

Alefantis is closely connected to John Podesta who was Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman. As we know, Podesta’s gmail account was hacked and its contents later dumped on to Wikileaks. On top of his e-mails revealing all sorts of corrupt political dealings, it also revealed a number of strange conversations involving words like pizza, pasta and other types of foods. The manner in which these words are phrased seem to indicate that they are not meant to be taken literally and are code for something sinister.

It has been speculated that the foods are code for the following.


Here are some of the e-mails that have raised suspicion.

The first one here shows John Podesta conversing with his brother Tony Podesta a powerful Washington DC lobbyist about pizza. Seems innocent enough right?


Then we see this one where Tony talks about having pizza for an hour? Who the hell says they want to have pizza for an hour?


Then there’s this. They talk about having a pizza extravaganza.


Here you have Alefantis telling John Podesta that after raising over $40K he regrets not giving him a pizza? Really?


Here’s another weird one. A man named Herbert Sandler asks if he’d do better playing Domino’s on cheese or pasta. What normal person writes e-mails like this? This all sounds like cryptic code.


Then you have this one talking about John Podesta’s pizza related handkerchief that has a map on it. Once again, this conversation makes no sense if you take the word’s literally. Handkerchief’s have also been used within the homosexual community to signal sexual fetishes and preferences.


And finally here’s one talking about “free” ice cream. Notice the strange response.


There’s also this weird one from the Stratfor leak which talks about how Barack Obama spent $65,000 bringing in pizza and dogs for a party. This was in an e-mail exchange between high level executives at Stratfor. It is yet more evidence of this strange type of code talk.

Moving on from the material on Wikileaks, the Comet Ping Pong pizza joint is quite the disturbing place for a number of reasons. The aforementioned owner James Alefantis posted a number of deranged images on his Instagram account. Many of the photos along with the associated comments are suggestive of child sex. His original Instagram account was removed from public view but not before independent researchers on places like 4chan were able to download and archive them. Below is a video that filters through the disgusting garbage this sick faggot was posting.

The Comet Ping Pong place itself has been described as extremely creepy for what is supposed to be a family restaurant. Weird murals are painted on the walls and it has hidden bathrooms. It has also hosted some very strange music acts that are billed as being for “all ages.”

Here’s a few examples.

A band by the name of “Sex Stains” did a gig at Comet Ping Pong a few months ago. Take a look at the poster they used to advertise their appearance.

sex-stainsAll ages? To see a band called “Sex Stains” represented with a poster like this? Seriously?

Remarkably, the band did a music video for their song “Land of la LA” which features a symbol the FBI has identified as one used by pedophiles to express their specific sexual preference.


Heavy Breathing, a band fronted by a Jewess named Amanda Kleinman, has also played gigs at Comet Ping Pong. The band’s website features some of the most sick and degenerate crap one could imagine. Look at this link as an example.

Here’s a clip that shows Kleinman on stage joking with some people about having sex with children.

Only a sick person would invite bands like this to play at what is supposed to be a family friendly restaurant.

Even weirder is that another pizza joint located right next to Comet Ping Pong called Besta Pizza featured the same “boy lover” pedophile symbol on their menu.


A bit strange for both of these pizza places to be located right next to one another.


Besta Pizza has since removed this pedophile symbol from their website since Pizzagate exploded on the Internet.

There’s other weird stuff like Tony Podesta’s obsession with art that has overt references to little children. This and other facets of Pizzagate have been covered by many Internet researchers. Not surprisingly, Alex Jones and his crew have spent some time covering it. Here’s one of the Pizzagate videos they’ve posted that summarizes the main points relating to this scandal.

Clearly there is enough circumstantial evidence for authorities to conduct an investigation. Who knows, maybe there’s a perfectly logical explanation for all of these things. Seems doubtful based on what’s been uncovered but a real investigation would get to the bottom of this.

What’s most concerning about Pizzagate is that social media sites like Reddit and Twitter have gone out of their way to stifle discussion on the subject. This is not fake news as the New York Times or the Washington Post is suggesting. There are legitimate questions that need to be answered. All they’ve done is make an increasing number of people more curious about it.

We’ll have to see how all this plays out over the next few weeks. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t look as if this story is going to die anytime soon.