Massage Parlor Massacre: After Male Feminist Slaughtered Hookers, Media Storms “Anti-Asian Bias”

The only USEFUL women in America!

Earlier this week, an anti-male, anti-incel, pro-feminist shooter killed a string of Asian handjob artists. This was clearly a crime against men, and an attempt to make the only women in this country who have any value live in fear.

It is straightforward: the victims here are hookers and the men who are forced to use their services, due to the feminist nature of our society.

Instead of saying that obvious fact, the top story today is that it was an anti-Asian hate crime.

Google News aggregates the most viewed and most talked about stories, and the entire top was filled with this stuff. It outdid the Jewish attacks on Tucker Carlson’s opinions on the vaccine:

This is stupid and weird.

Asians are sort of the odd man out in Western society, as they don’t really do anything except make money and stay quiet. You rarely even see Asian women – even if they’re born in America – acting out.

One thing that I found fascinating about the r/WallStreetBets phenomenon is that there were a bunch of Asian Americans involved. They were all on streams talking about it together, and I was fascinated to see them in the wild of the internet, passionate about something.

Asians are treated as whites in affirmative action hiring, because they have high IQs and are competent. Asians have been more vocal about the discrimination than whites, because Asians don’t have white guilt (or any strong emotional disorders, generally).

Logically, Asians would tend to side with white people in any kind of system-wide conflict, because they tend to not hate white people and like order as a general rule.

So the Democrats are of course looking for a way to get them active in their causes. This problem has an immediacy also, given that they are trying to start a war with China.

Claiming that white people are against Asians is the most obvious way to do this.

Boy, that shooting sure was convenient, no?

It was the exact thing that they needed for their narrative, just exactly when they needed it.

What an incredibly lucky coincidence for the ruling elite.