Massachusetts Mommy Issues Decree Saying You Need a Doctor’s Note to Not Wear a Mask

Aggressive Mommy Susan Bysiewicz is large and in charge, and she says masks for you or pay the ultimate price.

The US government now just runs on decree. Because there’s a virus.

All of this stuff is completely unconstitutional, and they just do it anyway.

That is because you only have the rights that you’re willing to defend. If you can break people’s spirits and drive them insane with a kook virus hoax, then you can do whatever you want to them.

Our goto method for not wearing a mask here at the Daily Stormer was to tell people we have a medical condition that prevents us from wearing a mask. Mommy Susan is closing that loophole.

The Federalist Papers:

A new executive order mandates that Connecticut residents provide a doctor’s note to prove they are exempt from wearing a face mask due to a medical condition.

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz signed the order Friday requiring residents to prove they are medically exempt from wearing a mask.

Someone is exempt from wearing a mask “only if such person provides written documentation that the person is qualified for the exemption from a licensed medical provider, the Department of Developmental Services or other state agency that provides or supports services for people with emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities, or a person authorized by any such agency,” the executive order read.

“Such documentation need not name or describe the condition that qualifies the person for the exemption.”

The order went into effect on Friday and will remain in effect for six months, CNN reported.

Connecticut residents 2 and older have been required to wear masks in public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible since April 20.

These public spaces include but are not limited to public transportation, taxis and rideshare vehicles.

The executive order also granted the commissioner of the state Department of Economic Community Development permission to “issue or amend Sector Rules to establish size limits for private gatherings of people who do not live in the same household, regardless of whether such gathering has been organized by a business.”

When it comes down to it, the craziest part of all of this is that there is literally no plan. There is no vision, there is no finality in sight. They are just saying that they’re going to keep doing all of these things to us indefinitely.

It’s all kind of building up to an election, but even then, there is no reason to believe the coronavirus lunacy will end.

If Donald Trump wins, he might just totally stop paying lip-service to the hoax, as he tries to get the economy back together. That’s what he wants his legacy to be. It’s impossible now, because the economy is already shot, but I’d expect him to try.

If Biden wins, it’s going to get that much worse than it is now. He wants a national mask mandate that says you have to wear them just walking down the street. The Democrats will exploit that to full effect.

A month ago, a national poll showed that the masks are really popular. Maybe it was fake news. It’s hard to believe.

What exactly are these people supposed to even be afraid of? If you’re under the age of 60, you have much less chance of dying of coronavirus than of the flu, even if you believe the CDC hoax numbers.

Do these people all believe that they will personally die? Or are they worried about visiting their parents and grandparents?

Probably, they are just vaguely afraid of everything. This is what the media has wrought.