Massachusetts: Blacks Jump White Student for No Reason, Cat-Ladies and Truants Protest Their Suspension

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2017

A bunch of types, presumably members of (((Randi Weingarten’s))) cultural Marxist American Federation of Teachers, recently organized students looking for an excuse to cut class in a “walk out” at Easthampton High School in Massachusetts.

Their cause?

Black students jumped a white kid for saying something they didn’t like on his Facebook, and got suspended.

This is so indefensible even Jews aren’t willing to make hay out of it. Names are scant in who is organizing this, most of the coverage so far has been local and by virtue-signaling New England WASP women (the only “white democrats” left). The major Judenpresse propaganda outlets haven’t gone near it with a ten-foot pole.


Hundreds of Easthampton High School students staged a walkout this morning to protest a racial incident at the school and to stand up for respect and harmony.

On Wednesday, a white student who posted a racial slur to social media was confronted in the school parking lot by a small group of students with brown or black skin, and one of them threw a punch, several students told The Republican, speaking on a condition of anonymity.

The students with darker skin were suspended, including the one responsible for the assault, the students reported. They said they did not have information on any punishment visited upon the white student for his alleged part in the incident.

“There is a big problem with racism at the high school,” said a female member of the junior class outside a downtown convenience store. “And the administration does not do a very good job dealing with it.”

A male member of the sophomore class said students of color do not feel comfortable at the school and that “people with Trump hats” sometimes cause trouble. He said there is open discrimination against Muslims.

Around 9:15 a.m. Thursday morning, with a police escort, students and some teachers marched down Payson Avenue to the Municipal Building at 50 Payson Ave. for a hearing with Cadieux and Follansbee.

So here we have the anatomy of an anti-white pogrom, accompanied as usual by an anti-white defamation. If you think “people with Trump hats” hang around a suburban Massachusetts high school harassing the school’s statistically insignificant number of non-white students, you’ve never been there.

Because Jews have yet to turn this into a national story, the local school administrators and law enforcement – all Gentiles – are being steadfast in their condemnation of violence

Here is Easthampton High School principal Kevin Burke’s statement on the incident.

Yesterday in our parking lot there was a physical altercation between EHS students. What preceded the assault was a post on social media that included a racial slur. Both situations are not acceptable.

Let me be clear both hate speech and violence in all of its forms will not be tolerated here at EHS nor in the Easthampton community.

“Right now there is misinformation regarding past and present events that have occurred at EHS.
I want to caution everyone to make decisions and formulate opinions based on fact.

Aside from equating constitutionally protected speech off campus with a physical assault by blacks at the school, this is the best anyone could hope for.

Generally speaking, under America’s Zionist occupation, black people physically attacking others because they disagree on a political issue or call them a name is treated like a “blue law,” like the ones on the books saying you can’t bowl on Sunday. Even when enforced, we can see that speech blacks don’t like is treated as an equal offense.

Which is why white students must form blocs to physically defend themselves, and we must create networks of lawyers, money, and media to protect them when they come under assault from the establishment.

We have to have each other’s back and fight in solidarity, because the chips are all stacked against us.