Mass Triggering: Alabama Sorority has Too Many White Girls

William Martel
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2015

Aphla Phi members obviously making Holocaust jokes.
Alpha Phi members obviously laughing at Holocaust jokes.

Any time White people form any sort of group, anti-Whites start to feel as though they are about to get gassed.

The Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama is being “slammed by critics” for its “lack of diversity,” and what’s more it appears to be “objectifying women.”

Daily Mail:

It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying.

The video was pathetic and shameful….college is about education, not football and parties.

I’m sure the kids returning to class feel just a little bit lower having watched this ridiculous, sexual , ad for college, have a day picnic if you want fun for everyone and include all the students. …pathetic.

Bad look for the University of Alabama in light of the issue of diversity of the Greek system.

This sorority, founded in 1872, is the fourth oldest national women’s sorority which was the first women’s society to use Greek letters as an emblem.

And as we know, old things tend to be racist.

Now we all know that any other racially homogeneous sorority would be welcomed and celebrated with open arms as sign of progress. An all black sorority or fraternity is as “diverse” as possible without the need to have any Whites.

The real reason for the hatred of Alpha Phi is not because our women are the most gorgeous creatures on this planet (although I’m sure that is part of it), but because such a sorority itself is a form of “White supremacy” in the eyes of these crazy social justice warriors. The attack on this sorority is just another way of erasing southern heritage and demonetization any form of white homogeneity.

Also a way of killing my vibes. Imagine a fat Black woman in the middle of this picture.
Also a way of killing my vibes. Imagine a fat Black woman in the middle of this picture.

SJWs don’t even consider these White women in a group together as a micro-aggression, but rather a macro-aggression that could lead to another Shoah, and the only way to stop it is making it more diverse.

Some source have claimed underneath the building is a secret lampshade and soap factory.
Some sources have claimed that underneath the Alpha Phi house there is a secret, fully operational lampshade and soap factory.

Warning: you may find this video absolutely repulsive and horrifying as you see these White supremacist women dance on the ashes of minorities, which of course is a sign of things to come if Alpha Phi is not diversified immediately.

Side note: you will notice that they actually threw in a Black dude hanging out with all of these white women. Not sure if this was a way to avoid being called racist, or that they think its cool to have a Black guy around dozens of beautiful white women. Either way it seems that throwing in the token Black guy isn’t enough diversity.


  1. Future mulatto baby incubators.

  2. Future mulatto baby incubators.

  3. Edit: Keiser already placed it I see, apologies, can’t remove it.


    Beat picture is the Swastika of blonde beauties

  5. Fuck that black bullshit propaganda! White pride!

  6. The Rocker aka The Unforeseen

    Compare those beautiful White women to the typical revolting black nigger negress and there is no question of White Supremacy.

  7. God forbid there be one last club for white people that isn’t ruined by giant brown tide of shite!

  8. Didn’t that half kike half mongoloid failure Elliot Rodger shoot up Alpha Phi?

  9. Oy vey! Oy gevalt! It’s like another SHOAH!!!

  10. They would all sleep with that black guy.

  11. Original article from the UK’s Daily Mail. Author name not given, but sure sounds like a swarthy and butthurt jew bitch.
    I mean, hot, happy white girls enjoying their youth at college and that has to piss somebody off? I’m sure the “critics” who “slammed” the sorority are just fat, angry and ugly sheboons moving at the direction of SJW juden.
    London: the cuck capital of the white world.

  12. Why do non-whites hate to see all-white clubs, gatherings, etc? Because it’s a reminder that white people have no use for them.

  13. When the Jews saw all these white girls, a billion Jew tears of sorrow soon flowed.

  14. BobWhitakerisokay

    Diversity is always about White people.
    No one says something is “too black” or “too Asian” and needs Diversity.
    Only if something is “too White” it needs Diversity.
    Diversity means less White people.
    Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

  15. Usual shit putting a black guy with all those white women.

  16. I think Heaven will look like Alpha Pi, If we are good enough to deserve, It looks like we are making some merits here 😛

  17. So where are all the feminists coming to defend this vicious, scathing attack on women by a patriarchal media outlet? Oh wait these are beautiful, blonde Southern women so they don’t count as “oppressed” by the Lucy van Pelt psychos.

  18. Look more White people enjoying each others company without a big fat black woman or a negro male in the mix. This is proof that they are building more OVENS!!!!!

  19. Their latest member and the internets love her.

  20. There’s a man in the middle of that last pic. Pretty sure.

  21. These are definitely top-of-the-line ALPHA females!!!
    Keep up the good work Alpha Phi!!! … Stay White! Stay free!

  22. What’s beautiful about a Hook Nosed Jew boon with droopy eyelids , crooked teeth and a constant WHINE that sounds like a 90 lb mosquito? What sorority of gorgeous Aryan beauties would want to include a fat black whale in shit encrusted sweatpants? Fuck these non white skanks with an elephant’s dick

  23. No, even better, a factory than makes tampons out of Jewish hair.

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  25. Aren’t these the same type of women that the DS was complaining about when the rape on the beach happened during a Spring Break?
    Yes, these women are beautiful… but how many of them are mudsharks?

  26. World full of beautiful, intelligent, hard working, creative and proud White people .. what an ultimate nightmare for the Jews

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