Mass Layoffs at Huffington Post After It’s Bought by Buzzfeed

Who even hears about the Huffington Post anymore?

I haven’t heard about it for years. I don’t even see “omg did you see this bullshit that Huffington Post wrote?” anymore.


Buzzfeed announced Tuesday that it has laid off 45 reporters, editors and producers from the newly acquired HuffPost.

HuffPost Executive Editor Hillary Frey, the website’s executive editor, and Executive Editor Louise Roug also resigned over the layoffs, Buzzfeed said.

The dismissals come just three weeks after Buzzfeed acquired HuffPost, the media outlet founded in 2005 as The Huffington Post, from Verizon Media.

“We never got a fair shot to prove our worth,” the HuffPost union said in a statement.

According to excerpts released by the company, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti told employees at a meeting that “we will begin to restructure HuffPost today to fast-track its path to profitability. Unfortunately that includes staff reductions, and a number of talented colleagues will be laid off over the next few days.”

Peretti said “losses last year exceeded $20M, and would be similar this year without intervention. Though BuzzFeed is a profitable company, we don’t have the resources to support another two years of losses.”

HuffPost Canada will be shut down under the restructuring.

The union said the layoffs included nearly 30 percent of its membership.

They told these people to wait to see if they got an email to know whether they were fired.

Many of the laid off employees were lamenting losing their jobs on social media after stints of many years, and objected to the way they were told, saying the password for entering the remote meeting was a variation of “spring is here,” making them blindsided by what would come later.

Reporter Rowaida Abdelaziz called it “an absolute cruel and brutal day at HuffPost. I am speechless.”

That actually is cruel and brutal.

They had to type in “spring is here” to wait to find out if they were fired.

This is all these people had. It’s not like if you get fired from HuffPo you can go apply at CNN or the National Enquirer. If you’re working at Huffington Post already, no other publication is going to hire you.

HuffPo is like the “BLACKED” porn of journalism.

It couldn’t happen to better people, either.

These tweets are hilarious. They’re calling each other “comrade” and listing off the fallen.

Never forget 3/9.

I should note: I still have a job.

In fact, I’m “gainfully employed.”

In fact, I just want to thank the Huffington Post for their role in getting me banned from all financial services. I ended up being relegated to using something called “Bitcoin,” and it turned out pretty good.

I just want to give solidarity with other journalists, and say: maybe it will make you feel better to know that I’m doing really good, as you’re now going to be forced to live on welfare because you literally have no marketable skills, at all.

The women can go into OnlyFans, but what about the men? There’s no OnlyFans for them.

They’re just going to have to ask their parents for money, I guess.

It’s truly a tragedy.

Obviously, the media won their war against Donald Trump. But they killed their own industry.