Mass Immigration Causing Germans to Flee Their Country

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2016

All these Syrian toddlers want is a teddy bear and to be safe, but Germans let their fear get the better of them.

All these Syrian toddlers want is a teddy bear and a blanket, but Germans let their fear get the better of them. I thought they meant it when they said ‘Never Again,’ smh.

We’re now almost two years into the “migrant crisis” , where Angela Merkel’s coalition of the willing (her, the German Jewish lobbies, and some Jew-run Washington DC think-tanks) unilaterally decided to transplant the entire population of Africa and the Middle East to kill and rape, and eventually fully replace, the indigenous German people, without asking for anyone’s permission.

Astonishingly, Angela Merkel isn’t hanging from a lamp post. Even more surprising is that before her party (CDU) was up in two elections, she was saying she was kind of sorry and promised to never do it again. Because Germans (unlike Arizona John McCain voters) aren’t dumb, they blew her party out at the ballot box, so she’s now basically doubling down and they just have to deal with it.


The invasion of Germany is being accompanied by increases in surveillance and secret police, led by a Zionist Jew former Stasi agent named Anetta Kahane, who monitors and imprisons Germans that dare to express offense at being murdered and raped. Freedom of the press in Germany is basically non-existent, and the climate of totalitarian terror administered by ruthless middle-aged childless female hall monitor types has made organizing against the very unpopular immigration policy impossible. In short, peaceful solutions in Germany are rapidly dwindling, and even the sole opposition party (which has sucked up all of the genuinely nationalist NPD’s clout and votes) Alternativ Fur Deutschland is a weak conservative wine cooler in a country that urgently requires a shot of Devil Springs if it hopes to survive the next 20 years.

Damascus itself is safer than parts of Germany, Paris, London, Sweden, Italy, etc. Most Germans see the writing on the wall, and so they are fleeing for Eastern European safe havens.

Gatestone Institute:

A growing number of Germans are abandoning neighborhoods in which they have lived all their lives, and others are leaving Germany for good, as mass immigration transforms parts of the country beyond recognition.

Data from the German statistics agency, Destatis, shows that 138,000 Germans left Germany in 2015. More are expected to emigrate in 2016. In a story on brain drain titled, “German talent is leaving the country in droves,” Die Welt reported that more than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade.

The statistics do not give a reason why Germans are emigrating, but anecdotal evidence indicates that many are waking up to the true cost — financial, social and cultural — of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than one million mostly Muslim migrants to enter the country in 2015. At least 300,000 more migrants are expected to arrive in Germany in 2016, according to Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of the country’s migration office, BAMF.

Mass migration has — among many other problems — contributed to a growing sense of insecurity in Germany, which is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.

According to other articles on this, Germans are moving to countries like Hungary. Hungary is the only country in the European Union that has had a referendum on immigration, citizens rejected taking rapeugees 92% to 8%!


But if you were to listen to the media, Viktor Orban is a “dictator.” In “democratic” Germany, no referendum was held, because it would lose. So far in human history, there has not been a single referendum on mass non-white immigration where the majority actually voted to open up the gates, and there will never be one.

The German majority that doesn’t approve of this momentous change in their nation’s demographics is, instead, being told by its political establishment to leave the country if they don’t like it:

“We refugees… do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you.

“Germany does not fit you, why do you live here? Why do you not go to another country? If this is your country, dear angry citizens (Wutbürger), then behave normal. Otherwise you can simply flee from Germany and look for a new home. Go to America to Donald Trump, he will love you very much. We are sick of you!”

Here is another letter by a native German asylum seeker forced to leave the Africanized/Arabized shit hole Germany is becoming:

“A few months ago I emigrated from Germany. My decision was not for economic gain but primarily because of my dissatisfaction with the current political and social conditions in my homeland. In other words, I think that I and especially my offspring may lead a better life somewhere else. ‘Better’ for me in this context is primarily a life of freedom, self-determination and decent wages with respect to taxation.

“I do not, however, want to close the door behind me quietly and just go. I would hereby like to explain in a constructive way why I decided to leave Germany.

1. “I believe that Islam does not belong to Germany. I regard it as a foreign entity which has brought the West more problems than benefits. In my opinion, many followers of this religion are rude, demanding and despise Germany. Instead of halting the Islamization of Germany (and the consequent demise of our culture and freedom), most politicians seem to me to be more concerned about getting reelected, and therefore they prefer to ignore or downplay the Islam problem.

2. “I believe that German streets are less secure than they should be given our technological, legal and financial opportunities.

3. “I believe that the EU has a democratic deficit which limits my influence as a democratic citizen.

4. “I believe that immigration is producing major and irreversible changes in German society. I am angry that this is happening without the direct approval of German citizens, but is being dictated by you to German citizens and the next generation.

5. “I believe that the German media is increasingly giving up its neutrality, and that freedom of expression in this country is only possible in a limited way.

Leaving your native land is a typical globalist solution to a globalist problem – the case of the niggers and Arabs infiltrating Europe, and the Europeans running away from them.

While in America, the First Amendment is limping on to a point and allows people to at least legally give an opinion, in Germany there is no free speech.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable, said John F. Kennedy. It’s time for the nation that gave the world some of the greatest contemporary warriors ever seen show what they’re made of. While the average German today may be an apathetic degenerate, they still have a flint inside them that only requires a spark. Will the nation that survived two attempted exterminations by the Judeo-Anglo Saxon powers in the last century let a few overweight sterile hags succeed where superpowers could not?

It’s highly improbable. Expect big things in Germany soon, especially if Donald Trump wins the election and stops using American influence and military to prop up their illegitimate Judeo-Globalist dictatorship.