Mass Grave Thought to Contain 30,000 Bodies is Discovered in Rwanda

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

Blacks may not know how to build civilizations — or much of anything, for that matter — but there’s one thing they certainly know how to build, and that’s mass graves.

Daily Mail:

A mass grave thought to contain the bodies of some 30,000 victims of Rwanda’s genocide has been discovered in a valley near the capital.

Fifty bodies have so-far been exhumed from the valley, which has a dam across it, but rescue efforts are being hampered by water filling the dam and the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

The discovery is being hailed as one of the most significant in years and was made ahead of the 26th anniversary of the start of the genocide on April 7.

The Rwandan genocide saw 800,00 ethic Tutsis, Hutu moderates and their political allies massacred in 100 day of bloodshed.

Word of the valley dam and the bodies it held emerged as many people convicted in the genocide are being released from prison after serving their sentences and offering new information on mass graves.

Other information on the dam came from nearby residents.

‘The challenge we face now is that the valley dam contains water, but we are trying to dry it up,’ Naphtal Ahishakiye, the executive secretary of genocide survivor organization Ibuka, told The Associated Press.

The valley is outside the capital, Kigali, in the country’s east.

Authorities said the dam was dug years before the genocide to provide water for rice farming.

Exhuming bodies during the coronavirus pandemic is very challenging since people cannot gather, Ahishakiye said. 

‘But we try our best so that we give the dead a decent burial.’

Blacks are great at killing other blacks.

In fact, blacks are better at killing other blacks than the flu.

The death toll of the Rwandan genocide is estimated to be 500,000–1,074,016.

Rwanda, like most countries, is under lockdown right now due to fear of the flu, but the deadliest threat to the blacks there is not coronavirus but the blacks themselves.

These beings are also spreading all around the world.

Blacks are the real pandemic.

They’re who you don’t want to relax around.

It’s a shame that the government let them all out of jail, right in the middle of an economic collapse.

You’re going to feel that one.