Mass Divorce in Saudi Arabia as Lockdown Causes Wives to Discover Second Wives

Say what you will about Saudi Arabia, one thing that they were was a last bastion of patriarchy in the world.

With the dawn of Prince Salman the feminist faggot, that patriarchy is waning.

The coronavirus is helping, of course. Because it seems to be helping everything bad.

Middle East Monitor:

Divorces in Saudi Arabia have risen by 30 per cent in the month of February after the quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic caused many wives to discover that their husbands had other wives and families, cording to the Dubai-based news site Gulf News.

It was reported back in February that marriages within the kingdom had increased by five per cent compared to the same month last year, with 13,000 marriages having been conducted and 542 registered online.

The number of divorces that month, however, was at a record 7,482, resulting in a 30 per cent increase in requests for divorces and ‘khula’ – the Islamic process in which a woman can divorce her husband. Annulment is also an option for the women, particularly in cases in which they prove they were harmed by the husband.

Citing statistics from the Saudi Ministry of Justice, Gulf News noted that 52 per cent of divorce requests and cases that month were from the cities of Makkah and the capital Riyadh. It also noted that the majority of women who requested divorces from their polygamous husbands were employees, businesswomen, prominent women in the community and female doctors.

Saudi lawyer Saleh Musfer Al-Ghamdi told the site that within a period of two weeks during that month, he alone had received five divorce requests from wives. “Among them is a doctor who discovered that her husband married secretly to an Arab resident,” Al-Ghamdi said.

I’m not pro-polygamy. But it’s just whatever. It’s a third world Islamic country.

What I am pro is pro-patriarchy, and this is an attack on the patriarchy. We are witnessing the death of the last country that had male rule, as we enter into a New World Order of total female dominance of earth.

It is bold for these women to even take issue with the fact that their husbands are married to other women, as that is the thousands of years old tradition of their country.

Prince Salman has let women drive, he’s let them travel alone, he’s let them join the military. He is systematically ending the patriarchy in the last patriarchal country on earth.