Mass Calls on Twitter to Shut Down KiwiFarms After 8chan Shutdown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

The next target for the New York Times anti-speech mob is KiwiFarms.

Because of course, these people just want absolutely everything shut down.

And all it will take is for the Jewish media to target them by claiming they are evil and must be silenced, just like they did with Stormer and 8chan.

It’s not anti-free speech, goyim – it’s just anti-white people.

These people are even calling for ED to be shutdown. I haven’t heard of that site in years.

What none of them are calling for is for the huge trove of child pornography and child molestation advice that Cloudflare and others enable to be shutdown.

I talked about this when Cloudflare, Tucows, etc. kicked me off. They do business with actual child molesters, and claim they are neutral.

Matthew Prince claimed that I claimed he supports me, something which was an absolutely filthy lie. What I will claim that he supports is child molestation, because that is an obvious fact. Literal pedophiles use his service to share images of children and share strategies about how to molest children. If he was legitimately neutral, he could just say “oh well, I have nothing to do with any of this, it’s the government’s business if this material is illegal.”

But he isn’t neutral. He banned Stormer and 8chan. Meaning that he supports all of the content he still delivers. Meaning that he is a child molestation and child pornography enabler.

Looking at his face, you can easily understand why he is pro-child rape.

I’m not saying he molests children. Who knows. What I am saying is that he supports other people doing that.

Does he visit these sites he delivers to get advice on how to seduce children or to masturbate to child porn?

Who knows. I don’t have any evidence to that effect. All I know is that he explicitly supports them and helps them deliver their materials.