Mass Arrests at Jew Color Revolution Event in Moscow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

These Jews just do the same thing over and over and over again.

What they are trying in Russia in 2017 is the exact same thing they did in 1917. It’s the same thing they’ve done in God knows how many other countries in between.

The biggest issue here is that no one wants to point out the fact that it is a fundamentally Jewish concept, these color revolutions. Most Russians obviously already know that – “I’ve seen this movie before,” as they say – but the Jews just keep trying it, and they can get a gaggle of idiot women, Jews and a few faggots to come out and be like “yeah, maybe another Bolshevik revolution is just what we need – it worked out great last time, after all.”

For the record, I’m not aware of any information showing that Navalny is a Jew, but in Slavland, a lot of Jews and partial Jews are still crypto.

He doesn’t look like a Jew.

I do believe there is a strong likelihood that he is a homosexual.

Either way, he is being funded by the evil Jew criminal and terrorist Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s “Open Russia” project, which he based off the color revolutionary movements of his dear friend and kinsman Jew Soros., who also backs the project financially (even though Soros’ own organizations are banned in Russia).

That’s really all you need to know about this situation. It’s very straightforward.

How anyone could be so deluded as to believe it is some kind of “grassroots” movement is virtually incomprehensible.

But you know – women.

They’re stupid. What’s more, they seem to take sadistic pleasure in destroying things that men create.


Dozens were detained at an unauthorized protest in Moscow after Aleksey Navalny called for the demonstration to be moved from its authorized location, citing obstructions to installng a sound system and stage. Hundreds turned up at the authorized site, with sound systems present.

About 4,500 people took part in an unauthorized protest on Tverskaya Street in the center of the Russian capital, Moscow police said in a statement. More than 150 people were taken to police stations for “breaching public order,” the statement added.

It came after one of the organizers, Aleksey Navalny, called for the demonstration to be moved from the authorized location on Sakharova Street to Tverskaya Street, through a message on his website just hours before the event. Navalny cited a lack of stage and audio systems as a reason for moving the location.

“Some contractors refuse [to provide equipment] straight away, others when they learn about the geolocation,” Navalny claimed, adding that equipment suppliers were allegedly being “pressured” not to work with him, regardless of the money he offered.

Navalny urged protesters to come to Tverskaya Street instead. Moscow authorities announced they were not contacted on the issue and assumed that it was a “new provocation” intended to deceive people into attending an unauthorized gathering. The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office warned Navalny that holding a demonstration on Tverskaya Street would violate the law and law enforcement would be compelled to take necessary measures.

Of course it was a provocation.

He’s talking about sound systems?

He specifically moved it so that people would get arrested.

That’s considered good optics. To play up this “waaaaaaahhhh, the evil Patriarchy of gay-basher Putin is oppressing meeeeeeee!!!”

It’s optics for the international stage, of course. Most Russians are turning on the TV and hoping to see cops beating the shit out of these people.

Normal Russians watching this live were all screaming at the TV “HIT HIM, HIT HIM!”

But seriously – protests in America require you to have a permit and stay in a certain place. This is not proof of “no democracy” as pieces of shit like Lindsey Graham will claim.

John McCain might also come out and talk about it, though he’ll say: “Mr. Putin pffff. Trying to uh, to protest and uhhh, there’s just a pffff. What the hell is it? You’re gonna have to help me out here. The Ukrainians protesting pffff. The Assad regime of the KGB, he’s pffff. He’s, he’s, he’s killing his own people with gas. And, you, you – you’ve got Putin, there’s pffff there’s gas. I just don’t see what the difference here is.”

Around 1,800 people, according to police estimates, showed up at the original location on Sakharova Street, and the demonstration concluded without any major incidents, according to Moscow police.

It can be seen in a video that a stage equipped with audio systems was functioning on Sakharova Street, and was used by people protesting a massive Moscow redevelopment project.

Navalny himself was not able to show up at any of the events, as he was detained by police before the beginning of the protest. According to his lawyer, Vadim Kobzev, Navalny’s administrative case involves repeated violation of rules for organizing or carrying out a public rally.

Yeah and the thing is – you are allowed to protest in Russia.

Putin’s approval rating is so high after taking back Crimea and continuing to stand up against the West, he is going to be supported by the people for the rest of his life and after.

He has no reason to ban protests.

So Navalny has to do illegal shit to purposefully get arrested so he can claim oppression. This is a very standard Jewish method used throughout the 1960s in America.

Moscow is a city of close to 20 million people, and this guy can only get a couple thousand at his rallies. At he had to combine this political rally with a legitimate rally against a widely unpopular real estate project in order to get the numbers he got.

The Jew is the master of the forced meme.

A number of opposition protesters, following Navalny’s call, gatecrashed the celebrations on Tverskaya Street, including ‘The Times and Epochs’ historical festival. The festival has been running at multiple locations in Moscow since June 1, with over 6,000 reenactors participating, including history enthusiasts from the UK, US, Italy, Sweden, France, Ireland and other countries.

Police contained the unauthorized protest and urged them to go back to nearby Pushkinskaya Square in an orderly fashion. Over 150 people were detained in Moscow during the unauthorized protest, the police said.

While 4,500 people came to Tverskaya Street to participate in the unauthorized protest, over 270,000 people visited the central Moscow street to take part in the Russia Day festivities, according to police estimates. Russia Day is the national holiday commemorating the 1990 declaration of sovereignty. Some 3.8 million people have participated in around 3,000 events across the country, police reported.

Yeah, see.

Sixty times more people are out celebrating Russia than protesting it.

And these scumbags want to disrupt a family event with their Jew revolution gibberish.

You know it’s all for the international audience, or they wouldn’t have attacked a patriotic event.

That just makes everyone angry.