Mask Cultists: “Anyone Without a Mask Puts You and Your Family at Risk”

You do not have a right not to wear a mask because spreading COVID-19 is not a right.

The above image is from the website, which, as the name implies, is destined to convince people that everyone must wear a mask — no exceptions.

This is a cult.

This website collects the arguments currently being used to justify the insane mask-wearing mandates that, contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, force even healthy people to wear them.

At least one municipality in America is even forcing people to wear masks inside of their own homes.

To have a better understanding of what these mask cultists believe, and to smoothly navigate through their madness, it is useful to look at their arguments and understand why they’re wrong.

For starters, it is paramount to understand that Corona Cultists build their arguments on the assumption that coronavirus is dangerous to healthy people. They’re wrong. We know for a fact that coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, that the lockdown is useless, and that most people who allegedly died from the virus were very old and sick. The main organizations (WHO, CDC, Anthony Fauci) will admit that it is only dangerous to old or chronically ill people if pressed on the issue, but they are obviously fine with most people in their 20s, 30s and 40s thinking it is dangerous to them. They are doing nothing to correct this perception.

The second thing to note is that Corona Cultists wrongly assume (as a consequence of thinking that the virus is some kind of lethal threat) that the way to fight this virus is to prevent people from coming into contact with it. That’s wrong. Since coronavirus is virtually the same as the regular flu, and because there is no reason to believe it is going away any time soon, the way to fight this virus is to let healthy people expose themselves to it (by living normally) so that the population will build herd immunity. This is what most people do against the flu in most parts of the world. Flu vaccines are a pointless first-world luxury, which third world countries cannot afford and do not use.

If everyone follows the mask cultist mandates, wears masks and avoids the virus, the only way for things to go back to normal would be for a vaccine to be developed, because no one will have had a chance to develop immunity naturally.

Thirdly, mass testing has shown that most people are likely to have already been exposed to the virus, which means that wearing masks and waiting for a vaccine is not needed. It’s already too late for that to make any sense. We are already well on our way to herd immunity.

With that in mind, we can address specific arguments.

These are claims pulled from, followed by our responses.

“There are multiple data analyses showing that countries and states that have recommended or required mask usage have had fewer COVID-19 infections and deaths per capita”

Knowing what we know about how they’re hoaxing the death numbers, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that they could also manipulate the numbers down to portray masks as a solution.

Citing studies done on mice to show the “effectiveness” of masks does not take into consideration that most people have already been exposed to coronavirus and are totally fine.

“There are multiple economic studies (done by economists at Yale and Goldman Sachs) showing that a nationwide mask mandate in the U.S. is worth more than a trillion dollars in economic value”

If they cared about the economy, they’d be pointing out how the lockdown and virus hysteria only served to destroy it. Like J.P. Morgan did.

“Anyone not wearing a cloth mask in public puts everyone at risk of getting infected and they hurt our economy by increasing the chances of a second lockdown”

This is pure hysteria, and exposes the true purpose of this push for masks. They want to point the hysterics against the non-hysterics by blaming the problems caused by the government on the few people not complying with the government.

“It’s not the government that destroyed the economy, you see, it’s the people who didn’t obey the government, which forced the government to destroy the economy in order to save people’s lives.”

What the mask cultists are going for is a scenario where government policies are enforced by the population. They want to turn people into paranoid snitches that will constantly listen, observe, and report to the authorities any incident of non-compliance with the rules. Much like every smartphone is a spying device, they want everyone to be an enforcer of their rules.

“Spreading this disease infringes on your neighbors’ rights”

No one has a right not to be infected with coronavirus, just like no one has a right not to be infected with any other disease. When people get a cold and start sneezing, their rights weren’t infringed.

These people are literally making stuff up as they go, trying to justify their insanity. Now, after the government took away people’s rights, they suddenly care about the concept of personal rights?

What about the right to decide what to do with our own bodies?

When it comes to coronavirus, women are suddenly fine with being told what they can or cannot do with their own bodies.

What about the right to work?

What about the right to leave our homes and meet with people?