Masculinity is Not an Ideology and Ideology is Dumb

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

Screw the optics. I’m going in.

As an extreme right-winger, I am fundamentally opposed to the concept of ideology, which I believe is a pseudo-intellectual and Marxist social construction designed to trick people into opposing their own interests.

Yesterday, I wrote that I would be on-board with the Extinction Rebellion plan to take the world back to the Paleolithic era by destroying industrial society. I was not joking. Although I don’t think this is at all a viable agenda, I am a big fan of Ted Kaczynski, and if someone told me I could push a button and return us all to a hunter-gather society, I would do it in a second.

These are some other types of societies I would be comfortable living in:

  • A fascist state
  • A multiracial society where white people rule over everyone else
  • A global empire ruled by white people
  • Feudalism
  • A Warhammer 40k space empire at war with the xeno
  • A brutal theocracy
  • Atlantis
  • Ringworld

The common denominator is that all of these systems allow for a full expression of masculine drives toward conquest.

I believe that the good systems are systems that let men live out their full potential through a series of life achievements. Modern society does not provide that. Instead, white men are continually held back from achievement because if they were allowed to seek achievement, they would vastly surpass all other races and triumph over all.

So, a system has been built by Jews to prevent white men from living out their full potential as men who exist with the breath of God in them.

These limiting factors include:

  • Feminism
  • Suppression of all masculine instincts and all expressions of masculinity
  • Xenoestrogens
  • The destruction of the family
  • White guilt
  • Forced immigration
  • Forced integration
  • Technologies that make men soft
  • Constant exposure to negative, addictive agents
  • Internet censorship

No man is capable of expressing himself to his fullest extent, to conquering and finding meaning in overcoming obstacles. We are instead beaten down, until we break or self-destruct.

What is happening to us is akin to what happens to a lion forced to live in a small cage. It is disgusting and it is sad. That lion should be on the savanna, ruling over it. He should be killing, fighting and screwing. If he is in the cage, his energies can be put into nothing, so they turn inward, against him. This power that is supposed to be turned outward and extended into his environment as far as he can push it begins working away at his own lifeforce. It creates an autoimmune disorder of the soul.

Jesus Christ used a salt, a city and a candle in his analogy.

And Jesus meant the same thing I mean with my lion analogy.

The Spirit of God lives in us. And that Spirit is meant to be stretched across our environment, that we may meet challenges and overcome them, and know that when we are gone, the world we inhabited will be forever changed because we lived in it.

I believe that it may be useful for you to view our struggle to overcome this world we live in in these terms, rather than in those of some dumb, autistic ideology. And increasingly, I am beginning to see much right-wing material falling into the category of dumb, autistic ideology. I don’t have to elaborate on that, because you all understand what I mean.

The only goal that any of us should have right now is removing the Jews who rule over us from power. That is our mission and that is our war. It is a practical goal which exists independent of any ideology. Anything that adds layers of complexity to this goal should be viewed extremely critically.

And remember: it is only us that is going to do it.

We should all focus on expressing the divine will that God breathed into us. And I must remind you that this process begins with your body. For your body is a temple for the creative energy of God that lives within you.

If you are not in good physical shape, you will never be able to become what you were intended to become. As such, this is the most necessary prerequisite for moving forward in life: you must first be physically fit.