Maryland: White Nationalist Coast Guard Man Arrested for Google Searches

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2019

This is your Red New Deal, goyim.

You are going to be arrested and have your guns and drugs taken because of Google searches which could potentially indicate that you might be thinking about committing a crime.


A 49-year-old Coast Guard lieutenant charged with stockpiling weapons and drugs is being described as a “domestic terrorist” who was planning “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country,” according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland on Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors say Christopher Paul Hasson, a self-described white nationalist living in Silver Spring, Md., was amassing firearms since at least 2017, while cultivating plans to launch a widespread attack on prominent Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and several high-profile television anchors from MSNBC and CNN.

Court documents indicate Hasson espoused extremist and white supremacist views for years — aspiring to establish a “white homeland” — and say he is a “domestic terrorist bent on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect government conduct.”

“I am dreaming of a way to kill every last person on earth,” Hasson wrote in a draft email dated June 2, 2017, that was uncovered by investigators, according to the court records.

Throughout the email, addressed to “friends … Acquaintances more likely,” he contemplates the most effective methods to “cause complete destruction” by unleashing a biological attack on the public, followed by contamination of food supplies.

“Much blood will have to be spilled to get whitey off the couch. … They will die as will the traitors who actively work toward our demise,” he wrote disdainfully.

The rambling and inchoate letter also includes a to-do list for the next four years, revealing Hasson’s desire to “Get out of debt!!!! Buy van to convert, diesel, Buy land for family out west or possibly NC mtns.” He also adds that he needs to “come off” tramadol, a narcotic painkiller. “Clear my head,” he says.

Officials arrested Hasson on Friday on charges of illegal possession of a firearm as well as possession of a controlled substance. But the government called those charges the “proverbial tip of the iceberg” and subsequently filed the motion on Tuesday asking the court to detain Hasson, who has a detention hearing on Feb. 21.

In recent years, the government contends, Hasson has been on a weapons buying spree, collecting 15 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds of mixed ammunition — all of which were confiscated from Hasson’s basement apartment last week.

During the raid, officials also discovered Hasson’s computer, containing a spreadsheet that reportedly is a hit list of possible targets — high-ranking current and former Democratic politicians, activists, political organizations and media personalities.

This is complete and total horseshit.

I read the filing and he didn’t commit any crime at all, and he was not planning any type of specific crime. Apparently, he had some of the guns without a license and the tramadol without a prescription – which is what he was actually arrested for and charged with – but they don’t say how they found that out.

They do talk about his Google searches and emails, which indicates he was under digital surveillance. And why was he under digital surveillance?

Well, presumably due to his political views which go against the ideology of the fed badge-niggers.

The way they say they knew he was buying guns is he visited gun websites. They list his online weapons purchases in the filing.

His gun collection is not big.

Everyone I knew growing up had that many guns.

This is my America, and those are my freedoms.

Basically, they are legit monitoring everyone who has anything to do with right-wing politics in the post-Pittsburgh era, and apparently they are just going to start arresting people on bullshit gun and drug charges and then pretending they might commit a terrorist attack because of some weird thing they wrote privately.

That is the Red New Deal.

So look: everyone needs to be careful.

Obviously, don’t do anything violent. Don’t talk about doing anything violent. Don’t even write privately on a computer about fantasies you have of doing something violent.

And make sure all of your guns and drugs are registered properly.

Also, don’t buy guns or gun parts online – that should really be a given anyway. And I guess don’t type “does nancy pelosi have a guard” into the Google search bar?

I don’t even know, man. This case right here takes things to a whole other level. Yes, if he had illegal guns and drugs, then that is a reason to arrest him, but where is the spying warrant coming from in order to find out he has unregistered guns and drugs?

How did they even have any idea who this guy was?

They put an email in the filing that he sent to Harold Covington, so that might have been the trigger (Covington compulsively promoted violence, strangely never with any consequences). I assume Covington’s email was monitored. Or maybe it was the Google searches themselves. Who knows.

Whatever the case. This is nuts. And it is going to get a lot worse.

We are seeing the rollout of a full 1984 type system of entire teams of militarized cops rushing your base, shooting your dog and arresting you on some trumped-up gibberish and then accusing you of being a terrorist.

You all need to be careful.

I don’t know what else to tell you.

This is going to be an absolute nightmare whenever Trump is out of office.

This plane is absolutely crashing. 

You need to assume that anyone on the internet you see talking about real world violence is a fed. Because if they aren’t a fed, then they might as well be.

And remember: There is no escape from the nightmare that is now your life.

You can’t forget what you’ve learned.

You can’t return to normalcy because there is no normalcy.

This is now officially a Biblical end times scenario.

Sorry to have to tell you that but this is the deal.

Note: You’re not going to get in trouble for visiting websites. Don’t worry about that. But you do want to be very careful about what you write and who you communicate with. Basically, it is better to just not do that. There is little benefit to it anyway, given that so many people involved in pro-white politics are kooky or unhinged. To all involved: that is just a fact and you know it as well as I do.