Marxist Prime Minister Responsible for Destruction of White Australia Finally Dies

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2014

Gough Whitlam has died at the age of 98.

One of the main traitors responsible for kick starting the destruction of Australia has died at last.

Gough Whitlam died not at home with his family, but alone and in a nursing home at the age of 98.

Although his Labour Party government was only in power for three years, the devastation they caused has continued right up until today.

He established diplomatic relations with Communist China and became the first Australian Prime Minister to visit the country.

He abolished lawful execution for capital crimes and ensured that terrorists and pedophiles would have no fear of being hanged for their actions.

He was the first to bring in laws to ensure discrimination against White people, by preventing Whites from employing who they chose to and encouraging Non-Whites to sue their employers for ‘racism’ if they were given the sack.

He brought new laws in to ensure men were discriminated against, taking away their extra pay for doing dangerous jobs and not leaving half-way through their career to have children.

He ended military conscription and destroyed the sense of loyalty to the nation that conscription always imparts on a country.

He was responsible for opening the flood gates and letting the third world pour into Australia.

He gave extra money to the Aboes, so they could buy more booze to drink and glue to sniff, and he made divorce easier, to encourage broken homes among the White population.

Eventually, like all Labour leaders he crashed the economy and caused a constitutional crisis when the Conservatives would not pass his budget and had to demand another election instead.

But far and away the most damaging policy of all that he introduced was his immigration policy.

He single-handedly destroyed the genetic bedrock of the Australian people by introducing foreign blood into the country, guaranteeing either civil war and ethnic strife in the future, or the total genocide of the nation through miscegenation.

He has the blood on his hands of every one of the deceased White victims who have been killed by Black savages and Non-White barbarians. Every one of the White women and children raped by them can thank him for causing their abuse.

Far from gaining joy at the death of someone or speaking ill of the dead, his passing away gives a timely reason for pointing out to people just how much damage he did to Australia and just how much of the problems of today can be traced back to him and his twisted Marxist ideals.

No we don’t want ‘diversity,’ thank you very much.