Mark Zuckerberg Intervened When Employee Supported Cops on a Company Board

Apparently, Facebook learned something after Google fired James Damore, who was fired for posting a memo that upset Google social justice nutjobs. He turned into a cause célèbre.

Facebook doesn’t fire you for disagreeing. At least not immediately. They just send the CEO to lecture people who step out of line with company ideology.

The Independent:

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly intervened when an employee at the social media site prompted anger among colleagues when he defended police officers following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Last week, a Facebook employee shared a post to the site’s internal messaging board, Workspace, where he defended “well-intentioned law enforcement officers who have been victimised by society’s conformity to a lie,” according to a report obtained by The Daily Beast.

In the post titled, In Support of Law Enforcement and Black Lives, the employee also questioned the role of race in police shootings and claimed victims of police violence are often under the influence of drugs or did not listen to officers’ orders.

He wrote: “My heart goes out to the Blake family. It also goes out to the well-intentioned law enforcement officers who have been victimised by society’s conformity to a lie.”

The employee added: “What if racial, economic, crime, and incarceration gaps cannot close without addressing personal responsibility and adherence to the law?”

The post was published days after Jacob Blake was paralysed, when he was shot seven times in the back by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sparking protests in the city and in states across the US.

The arguments made in the post caused outrage from several Facebook employees, which led the author to delete some of his colleagues’ comments, as he felt they were “unproductive and overwhelming.”

The exchange on Workspace became so heated that on Monday Mr Zuckerberg intervened and posted a note on the channel, where he wrote that he did not agree with the discussion surrounding real issues faced by African Americans.

“We designed our respectful communications policy to allow people to discuss very different viewpoints,” he wrote. “But I’m concerned that some people are doing that without appreciating the impact their words are having on our black community.”

The Daily Beast reported that Mr Zuckerberg then told employees that discussions of controversial topics will not be allowed on a company-wide forum, but will be moved to smaller channels.

Imagine that a company this ideological and this Jewish has a total stranglehold on all of our public and private conversations.

We are constantly talking about “censorship” with these companies – but did you know that you’re not allowed to share Daily Stormer links in private messages on Facebook?

That’s not censorship of public speech – that is a lockdown on basic communication.

I think we should start identifying these platforms as “communications networks,” and instead of talking only about a crackdown on political dissent, also talk about a lockdown on basic communication.

Because that is the goal of these ideological lunatics: just as they freak out if someone posts a message on one of their PRIVATE communications channels, they want to shut down ideas in all of our private communications channels.

When you outlaw ideas from the public realm, the ultimate goal is obviously to outlaw them from the private realm as well. What adults with good ideas do is say, “okay, let’s open this up and talk it through, I feel strong enough in my convictions that I believe I can defend my positions.”

Once you give up on the idea that your positions are defensible, it’s all downhill. First you block the ideas from the public, then you start hunting down people who believe the ideas privately. We’ve seen all of this before.

From the Jews.