Mark Weber: The End of the American Century

Daily Stormer
January 4, 2015

Weber has become a controversial figure after apparently accepting some type of “Holocaust Lite” version of David Iriving’s “Diet Holocaust” double-revisionism theory.

But this is a good speech.

Though admittedly, from the video itslef, it is unclear if this is actually a speech by Mark Weber or a speech by an ethereal spectre which believes itself to be Mark Weber.

I simply have to trust Jez would know the difference.


‘The Accelerating Crisis of the West, and the Prospect for the Future’

Introduction by Jez Turner
Speech by Mark Weber
Questions regarding Christianity and Pat Buchanan

Mark Weber, current affairs analyst and director of the Institute of Historical Review has for years been at the forefront in the struggle against conformist historiography. As part of his work of promoting greater historical perspective on the social, cultural and political trends of our time, he has appeared countless times as a guest on US and overseas television and radio. He has produced many podcasts, and his many writings have appeared in newspapers, periodicals and websites around the world, and in a range of languages.

He brings to his work a specialized knowledge of twentieth century history, US foreign policy, international relations, and the causes and consequences of conflict. On this occasion, he will look at how and why the hegemony imposed at the end of the Second World War is coming to an end, and what this means for our future.

(apologies for bad video quality as this is down to learning to operate new equipment in the field).