Mark Levin Tells the Truth: 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths is the Biggest Lie of the Century

We recently noted that Mark Levin is a controlled opposition conservative pundit, a Jew who doesn’t care about exposing the coronavirus hoax.

We made these statements in relation to Levin’s interview with President Trump, where he didn’t really push the hoax issue at all, instead talking about how great vaccines are.

He must have read our article and realized he’d been found out, because he’s now speaking the truth.

Washington Times:

Fox News host Mark Levin disputed the notion the novel coronavirus killed 200,000 people in the U.S., referring to the grim figure from health officials as “the biggest lie this century.”

The conservative commentator rejected the death toll during Wednesday’s episode of his syndicated radio program and podcast fresh on the heels of having interviewed President Trump on his Fox show days earlier.

“We’ve hit — they say — an ominous number, ladies and gentlemen. Two hundred thousand people have died from the coronavirus. That is the biggest lie this century,” he told listeners of “The Mark Levin Show.”

“Two hundred thousand people died who may have had the coronavirus, but less than 10,000 died from and only from the coronavirus,” asserted Mr. Levin, a conservative commentator lauded often by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Levin cited as proof a report published by The Christian Post last month which said only 6% of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S. mention COVID-19, the disease it causes, as the sole cause responsible.

We hereby declare Mark Levin the most truthful Jew of the 21st century.

Nah, that honor would probably go to Michael Savage, who is actually legitimately pretty good. Levin is virtually never good, he basically promotes nothing but libertarian bullshit and his Israel Jew bullshit. He is presumably just covering his bases here. He wants to be on record saying it’s a hoax in case he needs to be on record as having said that at some point in the future. He’ll be back next week saying that Trump is saving millions of lives with his vaccine.

But credit where credit’s due, he did at least say it, and some conservatives will hear it. A few of them might even remember it.

Levin made it all the way into the New York Times hoax policing section.

This truly is the biggest lie of the century. We all know that Madam Birx said all the way back in April that the CDC had been ordered to record basically every death as a coronavirus death.

We also published the official CDC documentation on the way deaths are recorded.

Anyone who was suspected to have coronavirus had coronavirus listed as the cause of death, and anyone who had shortness of breath before death is recorded as having coronavirus.

You see, here’s the situation: hospitals were ordered by the government to stop doing elective surgeries, to stop any routine doctors’ appointments, to only focus on coronavirus. The hospitals were all going to go under, because this meant they had to be completely empty all the time. So, the government started giving hospitals money for every coronavirus case they treated, and extra money for every death they could record.

Furthermore, given the way the CDC guidelines tell them to record deaths, they’re not committing any form of fraud when they fill out the forms and say that some guy who died of cancer, a heart attack or a brain injury from a car crash actually died of coronavirus. They’re lying, but they’re being told by the federal government to lie, and they’ll go bankrupt if they don’t, because the federal government decreed that they’re not allowed to operate normally.

If you’re running a hospital, you’ve got a slight moral dilemma, but it’s not hard to justify: if you don’t lie on the forms, your hospital is going to have to shut down, and everyone working there will lose their job. What’s more, every other hospital is lying to save themselves, so you wouldn’t really make any real impact by deciding to tell the truth. Your hospital would just go bankrupt, and if you tried to tell people what happened, you’d just be banned from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for “spreading disinfo.”

So it’s just an unbelievably massive scam.

I would say not only that it’s the biggest lie of the century, but the biggest lie in all of human history.

I’ll even go one step further: this is the biggest lie ever to exist in the infinite continuum of space-time. It is quantum level interdimensional bullshit.