Mark Dice Stops Anti-White Black Panther Halloween Costume Psyop In Its Tracks!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

Mark “One man Race War Machine” Dice recently decided to troll Target and all the dumb race-blind liberals forcing their poor White kids to dress up as Black Panther.

Observe the master at work.

Mission Accomplished.

I too was offended by the very notion of White kids dressing up as dumb, smelly coon and laboring under the assumption that anything about black “culture” was cool.

Even the made-up Wakandan stuff.

Doing God’s work there, Mark. God bless you.


In case you’ve missed the entire ‘Black Panther only for black kids’ debate, here it is. When the Marvel superhero movie was released in January, it was both a major commercial success and a cultural event for many people. After all, it featured a predominantly black cast, borrowed heavily from African cultures for its setting and its core conflict was about how to best deal with the toxic legacy of black slavery and racism in the US.

But for some people the flick’s popularity posed a very peculiar question – is it appropriate for parents of white children to allow them to wear a Black Panther costume for Halloween. Not a simple question to answer in a country, where questioning the blackface taboo can cost a career.

LOL. Good point, RT.

This blackface and cultural appropriation thing can be leveraged by White Nationalist media operations like Mark Dice’s channel, RT and Daily Stormer.

We can get White kids to avoid partaking in degrading nigger culture by pointing out that it is cultural appropriation when they do so.

That’s some 4D chess thinking there. 

Wish I’d come up with such a brilliant White Supremacist strategy, tbh. But I gotta give credit to the only man I know alive in the world that hates niggers more than I do.

This one’s all you, Mark.