Mark Dice Risks His Life and Precious Clean Water Supply to Warn America About Impending Asteroid Doomsday!

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2018

You thought having cannibal rape-gangs lead by alt-Lite figures was bad enough, did you?


Mark Dice risked his life to go to a formerly renowned astronomy expert (who asked to remain nameless to protect himself), running and fighting through roving packs of axe-wielding baby-eating psychos to do so.

When he got there, he questioned the scientist on if there were any risks from space as a result of this shutdown, as surely the aliens being monitored by the Pentagon would notice this hellscape and use it to attack.

The answer was yes, but not from aliens. Because NASA is no longer receiving funding, they can no longer detect or attempt to deflect asteroids coming for Earth.

Worse yet, several trillion fuck-your-shit-up sized asteroids are currently on a collision course with Earth!

We must thank Mark Dice for his service, as he had to disconnect his power from his water purification machine to run his computer to upload the file.

The only known safe-zone left on the planet is the Daily Stormer underground headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria. All the writers have already relocated to this bunker which is stocked with enough food, water, White female breeding slaves, and vape juice to last several lifetimes. The bunker is powered by cutting edge nuclear fusion technology (provided by the Russians for weev’s helping them hack the brains of the reptilians).

We believe that this bunker is safe from asteroid strikes, so if you can make it here do it.