Mark Dice Puts Out Video Claiming Illuminati Involvement in Hollywood While Not Saying the Word “Jew” Once

Daily Slave
September 20, 2014

Mark Dice continues to make a fool of himself promoting bizarre Illuminati fantasies.

Mark Dice, who has now proven himself to be an obvious shill for Jewish interests, still refuses to admit the most obvious fact about Hollywood: that it has been run and controlled primarily by Jews since its inception.  Even Jewish journalists have admitted that Hollywood is run by Jews.  An LA Times article written by Joel Stein is just one example of this.

Despite that, Dice has chosen to put out a ridiculously confusing video claiming Illuminati involvement in Hollywood, referencing a man named Phil Strub who is a Pentagon liaison to Hollywood.  Jewish Hollywood’s involvement with the Pentagon is no secret, and has been on-going for decades, dating back to when FDR was President.  This fact does not represent any proof that a group known as the Illuminati is involved in Hollywood.

Dice proceeds to ramble on about a bunch of Hollywood movies while claiming that people should believe him because he has a bachelor’s degree in Communications. He claims that this makes him more qualified to analyze Hollywood than anyone else.

The Jew shills at the Alex Jones Prison Planet site have even chosen to promote Dice’s latest video.  Guess these clowns will push anything, so long as they don’t have to mention Jews.

Watch Dice’s ridiculous propaganda video below.