Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants to Join Pelosi’s Capitol Storm Investigative Commission

It should be a bipartisan committee.

And Marjorie should be the leader of the Republican side.


GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would like to serve on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection, the Georgia freshman told CNN in an interview Thursday.

“Sure. She should put me on the committee. That would be great,” Greene told CNN.

Greene’s interest in a seat on the select committee is likely to create a new irritant for the lawmakers who hope to get to the bottom of the attack on the US Capitol. In recent weeks, Greene has joined some other conservative Republicans in advancing unfounded claims that the far-left antifa movement or the FBI might have somehow been involved in the rioting on January 6.

Despite being questioned multiple times by CNN about the new false flag theory, promoted by Fox News and right-wing websites, that the FBI orchestrated the deadly assault on the Capitol, Greene, who has a history of spreading conspiracy theories, did not offer any evidence to back it up.

“There’s all kinds of people involved in the rioting. There’s people in black clothes. There’s people in red hats,” Greene responded.

Look there are questions that need to be answered,” Greene added finally, after being pressed repeatedly on the baseless theory, which is yet another example of right-wing figures deflecting responsibility away from supporters of former President Donald Trump, who were captured on police body-worn camera footage at the riot. Federal investigators have charged hundreds of Trump supporters for their involvement.

The GOP firebrand said she would be willing to accept that the FBI did not play a role in the insurrection, provided that the bureau offers evidence demonstrating its lack of involvement.

“If they say they weren’t and show proof they weren’t, then of course I would,” Greene said.

Greene at times sounded sympathetic for the January 6 rioters, saying that they are confined in Washington, DC, area jails as they await trials.

They’re being held, some of them, in solitary confinement almost 24 hours a day in the jails here,” Greene claimed twice during the interview.

The DEMON-rats are up in arms.