Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks Out Against Plan to Create “911 Style Commission” to Investigate January 6

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the last American.

The Democrats are attempting to create a “911 style commission” to “investigate” the “insurrection” on January 6. The plan passed the House on Wednesday – with the support of several Republicans!

What this plan would do is give vast spying and subpoena powers to a Democrat committee, presumably with the ultimate goal of claiming there is a vast right-wing conspiracy led by Donald Trump.

This will likely result in the indictments of various political figures linked to Trump on charges of conspiracy. It’s basically just an attempt at an outright Bolshevik style purge.

Meanwhile, the government is continuing to release however many thousands of hours of CCTV footage they have of the event, and social media companies are continuing to actively delete footage that shows the cops inviting people inside of the building. You’ve all probably seen it – they waved them right on in through the doors, and then once they were inside, just told them to not be violent. All of the secret footage the government has would show that this is what happened, and if they released it, there would be no need for a commission, we could all just review the footage.

The government is also continuing to refuse to release the name of the man that killed Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed protester who was shot in the neck for seemingly no reason at all.

Shockingly (or not), several Republicans supported this “911 style commission” plan in a vote on Wednesday. That includes the ones we all know and hate: Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

However, there is a list of THIRTY-FIVE.

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t support it – and she spoke out against it on Wednesday!

Again, I want to stress what I have stressed before: Greene should replace Kevin McCarthy as minority leader.

You know I’m against women in politics and so on, but this is the simple fact: Greene is the person who most and best represents the sentiment of the voters. McCarthy is literally no different from Liz Cheney, except that he is less aggressive in his anti-Trump speech.

Matt Gaetz is also much better than the rest of them, and his sex scandal appears to be over. So he should be in the running as well.

But this situation where we have people who are basically aligned with the Democrats on every issue running the GOP is completely insane. This is not “representative democracy,” it is a sham and a farce. These people win primaries with Jewish money, then people feel like they have to vote for them in the election because otherwise they’ll get a Democrat, then they go up there and say the opposite of what the people believe.

I’ve obviously said for years and years that the primary system is where people should focus their energies, because that is the vote that actually matters. Steve Bannon was focused on that too, as you’ll remember, but then he lost to a Democrat with that weird jailbait preacher guy. Bannon had also endorsed Paul Nehlen, who went totally insane.

After the Bannon fiasco, Trump backed off of endorsing alternative candidates in primaries – which was a big part of his ultimate downfall.

If people are going to be involved in politics at all, they need to attack Republicans – not Democrats. Everyone already hates the Democrats, so it makes absolutely zero sense to spend all day attacking them. Meanwhile, a lot of people don’t know that traitor Republicans are just pretty much exactly the same as the Democrats.

If it would not have been for traitors in the Republican Party, Donald Trump’s 2016 victory would have just kept on rolling and rolling. He would have implemented America First policies, he would still be President now, and we’d all be preparing for Tucker Carlson to take over in 2024.

Instead, we have Tranny World.

“Let’s go to war with the Chinese to defend anal sex in Taiwan! Time for another vaxx! How about those aliens???”

If Trump was useful at all, he would attack Kevin McCarthy and demand he be replaced with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Instead, Trump is probably on the verge of endorsing Bruce Jenner.

It’s not like he has anything to lose here – he’s now under criminal investigation and this January 6 commission – which will probably eventually pass in the Senate – is going to be a second major criminal investigation of Trump. It would be logical for him to just go all in at this point.