Marine Le Pen Accosted by FEMEN

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2017

The stated purpose of FEMEN is to empower women.

But apparently it’s more about mass immigration and remaining in the EU.



With the French presidential election just days away, National Front leader Marine Le Pen was interrupted on stage by a flower-wielding FEMEN protester.

Footage of Monday’s incident shows a young female protester running towards the presidential hopeful with a bunch of flowers held above her head, seemingly waving them in the direction of the presidential candidate during a rally at Paris’ Zenith arena.

It seems as if the protester is about to remove her top before she is rushed by Le Pen’s security detail, who drag her along the ground by the arms and out of sight of the cameras.

Le Pen described the protest by “left-wing extremists” as a “total reversal” of their values to “disrupt a meeting of the only woman who defends women.”

A short time later, a second protester was also removed from the event after she started shouting during Le Pen’s speech. “She should have stayed a bit, she would have learned something,” Le Pen said, according to BFM.

I mean, you’d think feminists would be excited about the prospect of a female President, no?

Why do feminists protest in favor of mass immigration?