Marine from Viral Video Resigns and Calls for Revolution!

There are all these people running in 2022 – Republicans – who are starting to do all this big talk.

Madison Cawthorn just said he was gonna form a vigilante mob and bust the 1/6 political prisoners out of jail.

Now this guy’s saying this.


A US Marine who was relieved of duty over a viral video blasting the poorly managed exit from Afghanistan has quit the service, saying he’s lost all trust in American leaders while demanding accountability for their failures.

The controversial soldier, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, took to his Facebook account on Tuesday to announce his plans to leave the Marine Corps, sharing a photo of his resignation letter, which requests a termination date of September 11. He captioned the post with a message addressed to “the American leadership,” which concludes with what verges on a call for “revolution.”

“We the people submit our resignation with a requested date of 11 September 2021. Reason: Loss of trust and confidence,” Scheller wrote, echoing the wording of his letter.

“We the people seek change. We the people seek leadership. We the people seek accountability. We the people WILL take it. Every generation needs a revolution.”

This is the guy from the video saying that people should be accountable.

Revolution and so on… taking back power by force…

Well, I will tell you.

A lot of people are saying stuff like this.

Steve Lynch in Pennsylvania had some interesting things to say about school boards – leftists calling the feds.

Then there’s this guy, who appeared off the goop.

Here’s that cripple again – flashback!

I’m not saying that – look, I’m not saying whatever.

“Whatever,” okay.

Here’s what I’m saying: all of this stuff is happening at the same time, after everyone in the country remained silent about the Covid hoax for a year and a half and allowed all of this to happen.

And they’re not talking about mass protests.

They’re specifically inciting “direct action” type language.

I’m not saying any or all of the people listed here are part of a conspiracy or whatever.

But it does look like some people are being pushed in a certain direction for some reason.

I’m going to formulate my thoughts on this better.

Maybe it’s all just men being men again all of a sudden or something.

But I will say: if all of a sudden people start talking about revolutions, prison breaks, bringing down the school board, and so on, you want to take a step back before you get swept up in some kind of “movement.”