Marijuana Appears to Lower IQ and Brain Volume, Researchers Warn

Cannabis may lower people’s intelligence, but it also makes them less likely to revolt against the Virus Regime and upcoming world government, which is why we’re seeing legalization talk everywhere.

Study Finds:

While nations argue over how intelligent it is to legalize marijuana, a new study finds the drug may literally be impacting the intelligence of young users. Researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) say frequent use of cannabis during adolescence can lead to having a lower IQ as an adult.

Researchers have discovered that regular pot smokers suffer a decline of two IQ points over time compared to those who did not use cannabis as an adolescent. Further analysis revealed verbal IQ, which refers to understanding concepts, abstract reasoning, and working memory, declines by three points.

While that may not sound significant, study authors say even minimal incidental contact with marijuana can result in morphological brain volume changes. An analysis of MRI studies discovered those who smoked weed showed evidence of reduced grey matter in the brain.

“Previous research tells us that young people who use cannabis frequently have worse outcomes in life than their peers and are at increased risk for serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia,” says senior author Professor Mary Cannon in a university release. “Loss of IQ points early in life could have significant effects on performance in school and college and later employment prospects.”

A hundred years ago, having a drink here and there was enough to keep most people from snapping due to the level of insanity that reality presented them with. Fast-forward to 2021 and the level of insanity that reality is presenting is off the charts.

We have transgender people running wild everywhere, fondling kids in front of their parents.

We have the government taking away all of people’s rights and telling us to wear face masks and get vaccines in order to prevent some kind of 28 Days Later scenario where the infected are only able to kill people over 60.

“Where da grandmas at?”

Kids are not even going to school, and teachers refuse to work because they’re all obese, neurotic women.

The economy has been collapsed and all of the wealth has been transferred to the billionaires.

Democracy has shown its true colors when the election was stolen from Trump, and people are angry.

This level of anger cannot be neutered with a couple of drinks. The people in power know this, and they’re going to use marijuana and other drugs to keep the peasants from revolting against the nightmarish reality that they’re creating.