Marco Rubio Endorsed by Jewish Hedge Fund Billionaire Paul Singer

Info Stormer
November 1, 2015

Paul Singer is an evil Jew who wants America to be flooded with hordes of non-Whites.

Marco Rubio the insane Zionist cuck is now officially the presidential choice of Jewish billionaires. Rubio just got an endorsement from the Jewish hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer. Singer is a big Wall Street Jew. He is pictured above.

So now Rubio is pretty much being backed by a trio of Jewish billionaires. The other two being the billionaire casino owning Jew Sheldon Adelson and a billionaire car dealing Jew Norman Braman.

Rubio is all for the illegal immigration invasion which likely explains why these Jews have gravitated towards him. He also received positive reviews from the Jew run media following the Republican debate earlier this week.

Whatever the case, it is pretty clear that Marco Rubio is totally bought and paid for by Jewish interests.

How did we sink this low?
How did we sink this low?