Marco “Bump Stocks” Rubio Stands Up to Evil Jew “Muh Dead Daughter” Gun Grabber

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

The hardcore Cuban sonovabitch Marco Rubio was confronted by a Jew who was whining about his dead daughter and telling him guns have to be banned because that will bring her back to life.

“Bump Stocks” Rubio responded to the Jew aggressively, getting right up in his face and saying “you should have died in the shooting too, kike! Better yet, your whole family should have died in the Holocaust – too bad it was fake!”

No I’m just joking, he didn’t say that.

He did hold his ground though. Shockingly.

Daily Mail:

Senator Marco Rubio was slammed as ‘pathetically weak’ Wednesday night as parents and victims of the massacre in Parkland, Florida, took the stage to confront him in a Town Hall meeting. 

So weakness is being in a room full of people bullying you and refusing to do what they are trying to bully you into doing.


Rubio received a chorus of boos when he said that a ban on assault weapons would not have  by the father of one of the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims.

The Town Hall meeting was hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, who noted at the beginning that President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott both denied request to attend.

One of the first parents to take the state was Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was shot in the back as she ran away from the shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, on Valentines day.

Her racial kinsman, btw.

Just so we’re clear on that.

Cruz was also Jewish.

‘Look at me and tell me you will do something about guns,’ the bereaved father implored.

‘Were guns a factor?’

Rubio did say that yes – guns are a factor, but insisted that an all-out ban on assault and semi-automatic weapons was not the answer.

‘I will support the banning of bump stocks,’ Rubio, who has received $9,900 from the National Rifle Association, said.

Ooooooh, $9,900 – wat?

You can’t even buy a decent watch for that much money.

The reason Marco can’t support gun control is that it is the most unpopular thing in the world. Everyone hates this shit.

And people hate these little brats pushing it, they hate the whining Jew parents.

‘I think what you’re asking is about the assault weapon ban. If I believed that the passing of that law would prevent this, I would support it, but it does not,’ the senator continued.

He said his reason for not supporting the ban is because it would outlaw roughly 200 types of guns – assault rifles – while the purchase of over 2,000 types of ‘nearly identical’ guns would still be legal.

‘Rather than try to chase every loophole that’s created, we instead should make sure that dangerous criminals, people who are deranged, cannot buy any gun of any kind,’ he said.

‘That’s what I believe a better answer will be.’

Well, apparently the answer is not to talk about the SSRI drugs which are apparently the sole cause of this behavior.

I mean come on now. At least 92% of mass-shooters (non-Moslem) are confirmed to be on these drugs. The other 8% are probably just unconfirmed, or were Moslems.

Rubio is a Faggot

Little Marco is a pussy, but I salute him for going into the lion’s den and confronting these irate Jews and telling them we’re keeping our guns.

Probably we’re going to lose our bump stocks, but honestly, these are not really even a useful thing at all. The only reason you would ever need one is if you were planning to shoot randomly into a large crowd of people – that is literally the only potential purpose. They don’t turn semi-automatics into automatics, they turn semi-automatics into automatics that you cannot possibly aim at all.

I am a Second Amendment purist, and believe people should be able to own rocket launchers and MPADs. I think that is what the framers of the Constitution intended – that the people themselves are a literal military. Technology has complicated that, because it isn’t realistic for us to have a “militia airforce” (though I think it should be legal for civilians to buy bomber jets), but the spirit of the thing is that we should be allowed to have any and all weapons that exist.

The problem with banning bump stocks is it is banning something. This is giving something. Losing bump stocks means that the next time a shooting happens, we’ll be talking about banning something else which might actually be useful.

Trump’s Thing

Honestly, the GOP is doing a completely shit job of reframing this. Trump is doing okay – he’s saying give teachers guns, increase mental health facilities, which are both good reframes – but he doesn’t really have the language, which should be provided for him by think tanks, to form solid arguments.

His listening session yesterday was sort of meh.

Yeah, okay. It wasn’t bad. He didn’t crack on anything.

But there should be a more aggressive and complete reframe here.

And these crisis actor kids need to be attacked, aggressively.

We are past the age when people can drape themselves in dead bodies and say whatever they want. That simply isn’t the culture we live in anymore. Yes, you can attack people who are claiming you cannot attack them because they survived a shooting. People will say “wow just wow I can’t even,” but it just doesn’t have the same impact it once did. Our culture is too desensitized and cynical.