Many Kids Aren’t Even Bothering to Tune-In to “Zoom School”

This is a picture from my high school. That’s me on the bottom front right.

I’m not sure why it would even matter if kids turned up for the Zoom stream. Everyone admits you don’t learn things on Zoom, and no one even pays attention at all.


Preliminary reports indicate that more than 5,000 Alabama public school students haven’t shown up for any sort of classes, virtual or in-person, state Education Superintendent Eric Mackey said.

The students are likely to have a hard time catching up and the enrollment drop could mean the loss of hundreds of teachers, he said.

“It’s a very difficult year instructionally and that doesn’t even touch the surface on the issues we will have with these 5,000 students who are not in school and we don’t know where they are,” he said.

Because the state funding formula is based on enrollment, losing the students could hit next year’s budget hard. Mackey told The Montgomery Advertiser he’s hoping the Legislature will make a temporary change to avoid that, perhaps basing allocations on average enrollment for the past couple of years.

Mackey said some of the missing students may have enrolled in private schools.

Others have returned, but too late for the official enrollment count, which ends each year 20 days after Labor Day.

“I have every expectation that once the pandemic ends, all of those students will come back,” Mackey said./blockquote>

“When the pandemic ends.”

It’s almost cute how naive these people are.

It’s never going to end. I would not be surprised if school doesn’t happen again until the masses move in to our new tenement housing complexes that they’ll march them into when they “save them” from the collapse.

This is all about making everyone as miserable as possible. Then, when the misery is maximized, they will present you with a solution that is where they wanted to take you in the first place.

Taking children out of school makes everyone miserable. The mother is miserable.

The Jonas Brothers were homeschooled and they never developed the ability to make normal facial expressions. They are so maladjusted that the skin and muscles on their faces don’t work right. Learning to move the muscles in your face is something you learn by looking at other kids.

The children are even more miserable. The single most important element of a child’s life is socialization, which is why home schooled children are all maladjusted, anxious, neurotic and lacking in any form of self-esteem.

The government is giving every child in America the “homeschool treatment.” Most mommies aren’t deranged enough to torture their children with their constant presence, so the government comes in and tells moms: “we’re going to force you to torture your children with your constant presence.”

The middle class is being completely wiped out, they are going to make you 100% dependent on the government for your survival.

You’re going to love marching into that tenement building to eat bugs and getting that chip in your hand after they’ve forced you into true forced loneliness, driven you to the edge of madness, and released the blacks on you and let them murder you with impunity while they defunded the police.

Isn’t this obvious to anyone who isn’t a complete peasant who believes whatever it says on TV?