Madman Mueller’s Evil Circus: The Paul Manafort Freak Show

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

Robert Mueller is a sick man.

I don’t even want to write about this Paul Manafort trial. It isn’t real news.

You’ve heard of fake news, but this is an entire event that was manufactured for the purpose of producing a milking cow for fake news.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or Russia – what Mueller was tasked to investigate. This is just a random guy who worked with Trump for a couple months who did some shady things on his taxes before he ever met Trump who is being dragged out as a circus freak sideshow to distract from the bizarre main event of the Mueller circus.

The Boomer Beachhouse Freak who could have paid for the beachhouse and his taxes but didn’t because those extra zeroes in the bank account felt good.

Next Mueller’s going to indict a dancing midget pickpocket.

This is a stupid story. I don’t want to read about it, let alone write about it. But it’s a top news story and we’re a news site and I don’t have some asshole to pass this off to (please donate so I can hire some asshole to cover these stories I hate), so here we are.

The Independent:

Paul Manafort has been branded a “shrewd” liar by prosecutors as they sought to build a picture of a multimillion dollar conspiracy to evade US tax laws by Donald Trump’s former campaign manager during the first day of his criminal trial.

Assistant US attorney Uzo Asonye painted a picture of Mr Manafort’s lavish lifestyle, alleging in a Virginia court that money funnelled through 30 offshore accounts was used to buy items including a $21,000 watch and a $15,000 ostrich jacket, telling the jury that Mr Manafort considered himself “above the law”.

It sounds like he was having a good time lol.

“A man in this courtroom believed the law did not apply to him – not tax law, not banking law,” Mr Asonye said as he sketched out the evidence gathered by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team in Mr Manafort’s bank fraud and tax evasion trial which relates to political consultancy work undertaken in Ukraine.

Mr Manafort is the first of Mr Trump’s former aides to go on trial in the Russia probe, led by Mr Mueller and the FBI which is looking into Russian election meddling and possible collusion with Mr Trump’s presidential campaign aides. Mr Mueller has been given the scope to follow up any other potential crimes during the investigation, leading to Mr Manafort’s indictment.

Did this guy use his 5-figure watch and ostrich jacket to… meddle in the election with Russia?

What exactly is going on here, if not simply a circus sideshow?

The 69-year-old businessman and lobbyist could face significant jail time. He denies all the charges against him. Eighteen of the more than 30 charges Mr Manafort faces relate to the case led by Judge TS Ellis at the court in the suburb of Alexandria, Virginia.

In the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Mr Manafort faces not only the remaining financial charges but also witness tampering. That trial is set for later in the year.

Mr Manafort appeared in court yesterday in a suit and tie, smiling slightly after the jury of six women and six men was chosen relatively quickly. Mr Ellis then allowed opening statements to begin.

Mr Asonye said in court that Mr Manafort had more than 30 secret overseas accounts to “receive and hide” income he had gotten from working for the government of Ukraine.

I don’t even know if that is illegal. There are all kinds of tax loopholes involving offshore accounts available to people with the money to pay the lawyers to figure the shit out.

I mean, I assume he did illegal stuff. These sorts of boomers always do.

But I doubt 30 charges will stick.

His best defense, for sure, is that Mueller had no right to be investigating any of this as he was supposed to be investigating a Russian conspiracy.

Like, when a drug dealer gets pulled over and caught with a bunch of drugs but the whole case has to be thrown out because the cop stopped him illegally.

That happens.

I am not defending wetback coke dealers, but the system has to work that way.

It’s the Fourth Amendment, and it’s very important.

Manafort’s lawyers have made a Fourth Amendment argument already. I’m not a lawyer, but I think that might end up sticking in the long term. In the long term, the outcome of the case doesn’t matter. It’s all about the circus show.

He told the jury: “All of these charges boil down to one simple issue – that Paul Manafort lied.”

He pointed to Mr Manafort’s mansion in northern Virginia, just miles from the courthouse, and lavish items like a $15,000 jacket “made from an ostrich” to illustrate the prosecutor’s point that Mr Manafort used his “secret income” in the millions of dollars to fund an “extravagant lifestyle”.

Mr Manafort’s defence attorney, Thomas Zehnle, said in his opening statement that his client trusted others to keep track of the millions of dollars he was earning from his Ukrainian political work. He also sought to address Mr Manafort’s wealth and the images of a gaudy lifestyle that jurors are expected to see during the trial.

“Paul Manafort travelled in circles that most people will never know, and he’s gotten handsomely rewarded for it,” Mr Zehnle said. “We do not dispute that.” 

He made clear that undermining the credibility of Rick Gates, his former business associate and the government’s star witness, is central to the defence strategy. Mr Zehnle said Mr Manafort, earning millions as a political consultant helping officials in other parts of the world, relied on Mr Gates and others – including a professional accounting firm – to keep watch over the money.

“Money’s coming in fast. It’s a lot, and Paul Manafort trusted that Rick Gates was keeping track of it,” Mr Zehnle said. “That’s what Rick Gates was being paid to do.”

Mr Gates, who spent years working for Manafort in Ukraine and is also accused of helping him falsify paperwork used to obtain the bank loans, cut a plea deal with Mr Mueller earlier this year. Mr Gates also worked as an aide on Mr Trump’s campaign.

Mr Gates pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge and lying to federal investigators in February. Mr Gates was charged with several crimes in the Virginia case, but after his plea those charges were dropped.

So yeah.

This is the situation here.

I’m not going to keep writing about it unless something crazy happens, but the Jew media is certainly going to keep track of it.

Because the average person has no idea what this even is. They think it has something to do with Trump or Russia or something, even though, as I say, every crime he is accused of took place before he ever met Trump and none of it has to do with Russia. It has to do with $20,000 watches as ostrich coats.

And beachhouses.

Swanky beachhouses.