Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine for All US Military Active-Duty Members Coming in September

Another step is being taken towards the total force-vaxxing of the masses.

New York Post:

The Pentagon will require members of the US military to receive a COVID-19 vaccine by mid-September, according to a memo Monday.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in the missive, which was expected to be sent to troops Monday, that the vaccine requirement will be implemented by Sept. 15 at the latest.

The edict affects active-duty members, CNN said.

I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon [full approval of the vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration], whichever comes first,” Austin wrote.

The memo said the military branches will have the next few weeks to prepare, determine how many vaccines are needed, and how they will go about implementing the mandate.

“We will also be keeping a close eye on infection rates — which are on the rise now due to the Delta variant — and the impact these rates might have on our readiness. I will not hesitate to act sooner or recommend a different course to the President if l feel the need to do so,” Austin said in the memo.

President Biden later said in a statement that he “strongly” supported the Pentagon’s decision.

The Navy said more than 74 percent of its active-duty and reserve sailors have received at least one shot, while the Air Force has reported more than 65 percent of its active-duty members are at least partially vaccinated.

The Army, meanwhile, appears to be closer to 50 percent partly immunized, according to data from several bases and units around the country, based on conversations with military officials and service members, CNN reported.

The FDA is expected to give final approval next month for the Pfizer vaccine, which is currently being administered under an emergency use authorization.

With the red tape removed, the Pentagon would not have to seek a waiver from Biden to make the shots mandatory.

Biden said the vaxx will make America strong.

I know what you’re thinking: why would you inject your killer striker force with a deadly vaxx?

“Maybe he’s wondering why you would vaxx a man before sending him to fight a world war with the gooks?” and so on.

What if the vaxx the military gets is not the vaxx average people are getting?

This could be a publicity stunt intended to get more people to trust the vaxx.

Some people on the Internet have proposed that something like this could be what’s happening behind the scenes:

Maybe it will be like the highly anticipated action film Suicide Squad and they will actually just implant them with tiny bombs that will explode if they try to defect and join Russia?

The NPCs are doing their “but you never had that many freedoms to begin with, why do you care that you’re losing more freedom?” bit, as expected.

Didn’t you know? Mandatory vaccines are actually Our History, Our Values, and Who We Are.