Manchester: Eleven Arrested in Child-Rape Inquiry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2014

Goyim are entirely incapable of grasping the vibrancy of diverse cultures.
STOCK PHOTO: British goyim are entirely incapable of grasping the vibrancy of diverse cultures because they are driven by pure hatred.

Eleven people in south Manchester have been arrested as part of a racist crackdown on the cultural expressions of colorful immigrants.

The alleged offences include sexual activity with a child, attempted indecent assault, inciting a child into prostitution, abduction and rape.

Greater Manchester Police said the 11 had all been bailed.

The arrests followed intervention work in the Longsight area, a spokesperson for the force said.

They were part of Project Phoenix, which is made up of police, children’s services, health services, and children’s charity Barnardo’s and covers the Salford and Manchester areas.

Det Insp Debbie Oakes, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said she expected more warrants and arrests as the force continued its investigation.

“We would encourage anyone who is a victim of this kind of abuse to come to either us, a family member or the charities and support agencies who are out there and help us bring the offenders to justice,” she said.

Lynn Perry MBE, regional director for Barnardo’s, said: “We are pleased to be at the heart of an inter-agency partnership in Greater Manchester tackling child sexual exploitation; supporting and enabling young people to speak out and providing child victims of sexual exploitation with appropriate, long term support.”

Last month, BBC Radio Manchester’s Jonathan Ali revealed nearly 250 children were “at risk” of being sexually exploited across Greater Manchester.

What you goyim don’t understand is that little White girls need to be taught a lesson so that they don’t commit another Holocaust.  Muslim gang-rape is proven to be an effective method of preventing little girls from becoming holocausters.  It is also an enriching cultural experience.  Before multiculturalism, an 11-year-old girl never would have had the opportunity to explore her budding sexuality by having dozens upon dozens of men repeatedly penetrate her in all of her bodily cavities.

Even if you don’t agree with the premise that little girls need to be gang-raped by Pakistani men in order to enrich British culture and prevent another Holocaust,  you must surely understand that without all of these Muslims in your country, you will no longer have ethnic markets and restaurants.

Europe cannot survive without thousands upon thousands of little girls getting drugged, trafficked and gang-raped by Muslims.  It is time you stopped complaining and accepted that, goyim.