Man Who Set Pizzagate Pizza Restaurant on Fire Pleads Guilty

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2019

I find myself wondering if these crazies weren’t sent to attack Comet Ping Pong in order to distract from the real questions that people had about just what the hell was going on at the place.


A California man has pleaded guilty to setting fire to the same D.C. pizza place targeted by a man investigating a conspiracy theory that falsely connected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to an alleged child sex trafficking ring under the restaurant.

Ryan Jaselskis pleaded guilty Tuesday to arson and assault on a federal law enforcement officer, news outlets report. He reached a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to serve four years in prison, according to court records. The judge isn’t bound by the agreement. Sentencing is set for March.

Jaselskis admitted to setting a January fire at Comet Ping Pong, which was occupied by children and adults at the time. No injuries were reported. Authorities haven’t released a motive. Weeks later, he wrestled with a U.S. Parks Police officer while being arrested at the Washington Monument after jumping a construction fence, police said.

There was some really weird stuff on this Instagram.

Especially for a place that advertises itself as a children’s restaurant. And is tied to all of these people in DC who stand accused of being satanic child molesters.

We kind of hit a wall on Pizzagate.

But I’ve said it and I will say it until the day I die: PIZZAGATE IS REAL.

Some kook trying to burn the place down does not change that fact.

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