Man Survives Holocaust Just to Get Run-Over by a School Bus

Daily Stormer
February 27, 2014

In what is no doubt the saddest story of the day, a man who survived the Holocaust – reportedly by walking backward out of a gas chamber 7 times – has been struck down and killed by a school bus.

From WJLA:

Police say Elia Miranski, 91, was crossing Columbia Pike in the crosswalk while using a walker. He had safely crossed the southbound lanes and was continuing across the northbound lanes when he was struck by the school bus.

According to Howard County school officials, the bus was carrying 14 students from Hammond Middle School at the time. There were no injuries. The driver of the school bus is identified as Lori Jean Latimer, 52.

Late into the evening, the Montgomery County Collision Reconstruction team worked to piece together the crash.

Police say Miranski had safely managed to get across five lanes of traffic.

“As he was in the middle of the road, he paused and began to cross the northbound lanes and he was struck by a school bus in the middle lane,” explained Captain Paul Starks with Montgomery County Police.

Workers nearby told us that this intersection at 29th and Tech Road is already a dangerous one.

You’d think if he was smart enough to outwit the Nazis who were intent on gassing him to death, he’s have been smart enough to not stand in the middle of a busy intersection.