Man Stole 400 lbs Slide from Playground, Mounted It to Kids’ Bunk Bed

I think this is funny.


A man is facing charges after he allegedly stole a 400-pound slide from a playground and mounted it on a bunkbed in his home.

Dustin Allen Bushnell, 30, of Burbank, Washington, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of possession of stolen property, according to the Pasco Police Department.

Detective Julie Lee was investigating a series of catalytic converter thefts when evidence led her to Bushnell’s home, police said.

Lee suddenly came face-to-face with the gigantic slide, which was reported stolen in December 2020, as she searched the home for catalytic converters.

Bushnell sawed off the slide, repainted it, and mounted it on a bunkbed in a child’s bedroom at his mobile home, according to investigators.

Catalytic converters were also found at the home but Bushnell has not yet been charged with stealing the car parts.

Note that this happened in Washington, which is a far-left state, where they’ve torn down all of the trappings of social order over the last two decades.

If you don’t have a cohesive social order, then no one feels an obligation to the society at large.

If there’s no obligation to society at large, then there is no good reason not to steal public property.

Note that he didn’t steal it for personal gain, he stole it for his kids.

When you start seeing stuff like this happen on a wide scale, as we are seeing now, it means that the social contract no longer exists. That’s something that can’t be blamed on individual criminals.