“Man” Stabs Police Dog 27 Times

You know, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess a black man did this.

The Independent:

A San Diego police dog that was stabbed 27 times after hounding down a suspect is slowly recovering at its handlers home.

Aros, a seven-year-old Belgian Malinois, was stabbed repeatedly in the head by a landlord that had been accused of attacking a tenant with a baseball bat, The Daily Beast reports.

The 9 December incident saw the suspect in question attempt to flee on foot, but the Escondido police department hound didn’t let him get away for too long. After the assilant climbed on-top of a two story garage, Officer Chad Moore sent Aros in persuit.

The dog jumped up, and quickly latched onto his leg, preventing the landlord from escaping. In responce, Aros was stabbed repeatedly, but somehow managed to hold onto the man’s leg.

“What was pretty amazing to me, and I’ve been involved with canines for 20 years, is the dog just held on,” said Lt. Mark Petersen, who oversees the department’s K-9 unit. “He did his job. He held onto the guy while being stabbed 27 times until the officers were able to get to him safely,” Officer Moore told The Daily Beast.

Frankly, these blacks should be paying us reparations for all that they’ve done to us.

Why are no Republican Congressmen calling for blacks to pay reparations to white people and our dogs?