Man Shot at Anti-Statue Protest – Right-Wing Militia Arrested

Firstly, we have the New York Times headline:

Were you aware that there has long been a tension over statues of conquistadors? I certainly was not, and I do not believe that Hispanics or other Americans were aware of this. It appears to be a “conflict” that has been entirely manufactured by the media.

The media says, “there is a conflict,” and then the people say, “oh, I should take a side in that conflict!”

The earliest mention I can find of there being “tension” is a 2017 VICE News article calling for conquistador statues to be torn down and featuring images of the thing we are seeing now, what with the mob and the ropes.

They call for this, then it happens, then they claim it was what the people wanted without ever mentioning their own involvement.

Then, someone gets shot.

New York Times:

Gunfire broke out during a protest Monday night in Albuquerque to demand the removal of a statue of Juan de Oñate, the despotic conquistador of New Mexico whose image has become the latest target in demonstrations across the country aimed at righting a history of racial injustice.

As dozens of people gathered around a statue of Oñate, New Mexico’s 16th-century colonial governor, shouting matches erupted over proposals to take it down and a man was shot, prompting police officers in riot gear to rush in.

The man, who was not identified, was taken away in an ambulance, and the police took into custody several members of a right-wing militia who were dressed in camouflage and carrying military-style rifles. It was not clear whether any of them had fired the shot, or whether they were merely being questioned.

The protest turned into pandemonium as protesters screamed and dove for cover and police officers attempted to secure the scene. Witnesses said the gunman was a white man in a blue shirt.

Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department, said in a statement that “one male subject” had been shot and transported to the hospital, and that his condition was unknown.

“Officers are securing the scene,” he said. “Detectives will be investigating this scene. This is an active scene and updates will be provided when available.”

As protesters across the country have targeted a variety of symbols of racial injustice, including statues of Christopher Columbus, the protests in New Mexico are evolving to target symbols of colonial atrocities.

Oh, you mean like the ginormous Columbus statue in the center plaza of Mexico City?

The unhinged mob wants to tear down statues similar to that one?

Earlier in the day, authorities in the northern town of Alcalde removed a different statue of Oñate, whose brutal rule as provincial governor put into motion centuries of Spanish rule in the region.

The agitation against honoring Oñate reflects a tension that has long festered between Native Americans and Hispanics over Spain’s conquest more than four centuries ago, with protests this year over police violence unleashing a broader questioning of race relations in this part of the West.

Wait, the tension is between Native Americans and Hispanics?


Like, Indians and Mexicans are taking sides against one another? Or did the NYT just refer to white people as “Native Americans”?

Is that a misprint?

Anyway – whatever.

I don’t care.

What I do care about is that my prediction has come true, these retard “militias” bringing guns to protests has resulted in a gun battle. Maybe some Mexican shot them. But according to this report, which might be incorrect, they were all arrested.

This is especially insane, because at this point, there are places besides protests where people could be taking their guns. Like to defend people and property during riots. If it turns out that one of them was responsible for this shooting, then… well, everyone knows what that means.

Here’s the full video of the event, you can try to figure out what happened.

You can also lol at the white women trying to pull that rope and getting in the way of the Mexicans.

“I’m here to help you bring down white men!” – “Bitch good, but get out my way!”

Even if the militia didn’t fire the shot, they’ll still be blamed, with the media saying that they provoked it.

I wish people would listen to me.