Man Sentenced to 16 Years for Burning Anal Flag – Burning US Flag Still Legal

Martin Bieber
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2019

If there is one truly oppressed group of people in America, it’s flags.

All they want to do is flutter about on the wind, but anti-flag racists tie them to poles and set them on fire, for no reason other than hatred for the color of their skin.

Finally, one brave judge in Iowa has taken a stand against hate.


Stealing a Pride banner from a church and burning it outside a local strip club has landed an Ames, Iowa resident in prison for sixteen years, on hate crime charges.

Adolfo Martinez, 30, has been found guilty of a hate crime, third-degree harassment and reckless use of fire for stealing.  He was arrested after police said he stole a pride banner hanging at the Ames United Church of Christ on June 11.

Martinez later burned the purloined flag, doused with lighter fluid, outside the Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, which had actually been kicked him out earlier that day. He had also threatened to burn down the club.

Martinez admitted to burning the flag and was found guilty last month. He was sentenced on Wednesday to 16 years behind bars. The harsh sentence is mostly due to the hate crime charge, which is a class D felony.

Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds said the hate crime charge stemmed from the fact that authorities believe Martinez burned the flag because of “what it represents as far as sexual orientation.”

Soon, flags of all shapes, sizes and colors will be able to wave around in the breeze and do flag-on-flag anal without fear of being set on fire by hateful, bigoted, backwards Mexican Nazis.

Except for American flags. You can still burn those, lol.

The Supreme Court made the wise decision in 1989 that burning the American flag was free speech. Burning American flags is very important, because free speech is one of Our Values.

And it’s these values that make America truly great.