Man Pretending to be a Female Handball Player Towers Over Real Women

Daily Stormer
November 25, 2019

Fun fact: If you see someone call some guy pretending to be a woman “she,” then you’re looking at someone who’s our enemy

Women handball players are generally taller and bigger than the average woman.

And they still all look like kids compared to him.

And yes, it’s him, not “her.”

This Orwellian parody with the pronouns is exasperating…


Recent viral video of Hannah Mouncey, a biological man who has become a transwoman dominating the Australian women’s handball league, reveals an athlete that towers over and seriously outweighs opponents.

The astonishing video shows Mouncey, who stands six-foot-two and weighs 220 pounds, playing against natural-born women. Mouncey is seen domineering over every opponent.

There is no such thing as an “unnatural-born woman.”

You’re either a woman or you’re a man, case closed.

Mouncey has been the object of fawning media coverage on TV and in print. The Associated Press recently claimed that the only reason anyone would oppose athletes such as Mouncey is because of “resentment” that transwomen could be successful at sports.

Until 2016, Mouncey played for Australia’s men’s handball league, but now, after transitioning to a woman, Mouncey joined the women’s league.

There’s no “could” be successful at sports.

They’re better by default, just by being men.

The freak also plays what appears to be an Australian variant of rugby. Just listen to that guy commenting, and tell me he doesn’t sound like someone who enjoys sucking on a feminine penis.

I don’t think there really are a lot of men that couldn’t compete at a professional level in a female sport, except for hyperspecialized sports like gymnastics, where most of us would probably end up in wheelchairs if we tried.

Mouncey was barred from entering the women’s league in 2017 because of higher testosterone levels and weight but was allowed to play for the 2018 season. During that time, Mouncey complained that weight was unfair criteria for transgendered women.

“My biggest concern is the fact that weight is being used as one of the key physical measures for possible exclusion. Forget the fact that in a game that has such an emphasis on endurance and speed, being heavy is not necessarily an advantage and think about the message it sends to women and girls about their bodies: if you’re too big, you can’t play. That is incredibly dangerous and backward,” Mouncey wrote in the Guardian.

Only someone who chemically alters his body to superficially look like a woman can think that size and weight aren’t an advantage in a sport like this.

And he’s saying pretending otherwise is “backward.”

You happy with the world today, my fellow goyim?

Still, as I said before, I’m very happy about stuff like this, and I encourage every one of you who can do it to pretend to be a woman and enter some sports competitions.

You’ll get some exercise, maybe make a little money, and most importantly – you’ll show women that they’re inferior to men.

If we hadn’t stopped doing that, we’d be in a better place today…

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