Man-on-Man Anal is the Defining Value of the Modern American National Identity


Today, America went full-anal.

President Biden just made it legal for American embassies to fly the anal flag on the same pole as the American flag.

Will Charlie Kirk give his administration any credit for this monumental achievement?


New York Times:

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken has authorized U.S. diplomatic missions across the world to fly the rainbow pride flag on the same pole as the American flag at embassies and consulates, according to a State Department cable reviewed by The New York Times.

The action reversed a decision by the Trump administration, which rejected requests from embassies to raise it on their flag poles during the month of June, which in the United States and many other countries is Pride month.

According to the cable and a State Department official, Mr. Blinken authorized diplomats to fly the pride flag before May 17, which is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and to continue their display at diplomatic outposts through the month of June.

In the cable, Mr. Blinken noted that it was not a requirement and gave chiefs of mission the ability to “determine that such a display is appropriate in light of local conditions.”

I think you people think I’m being hyperbolic or somehow taking creative liberty when I say that the core of the new American identity is man-on-man anal. I’m not.

America is literally The Anal Empire. An Analpire.

You won’t hear Rage Against the Machine talk about the US government using sanctions to force third world, brown Christian (or Moslem, for that matter) nations to have anal sex with men.

Anal sex is the core of the American identity in that it is what the government advertises as its core, fundamental value system.

The US Navy is building a ship named after Harvey Milk.

During the Cold War:

  • The West had an ideology of “freedom,” which was vague, but was basically associated with Platonic-Christian concepts of self-determination
  • The East had an ideology of “communism,” which was also frankly somewhat vague, but was basically materialist utopianism

Neither of those things really meant very much in the end. On their own, these grand abstractions become actually ridiculous. But they are exactly “grand abstractions,” in that they are place-holders for a whole set of identity-markers. People look at the flag and think “freedom” or “communism” and they think of all the things that they care about, that define them personally, and which link them to everyone that they live with.

Neither “freedom” nor “communism” was associated with anal sex. Both parties in the grand conflict were generally supportive of basic, natural family values.


  • The West has an ideology of anal sex with men
  • The East has an ideology of not having anal sex with men

So whereas you once had this grand struggle of freedom vs. communism, you now have America saying “anal sex is the greatest thing ever, and everyone needs to get really excited about man-on-man anal” and Russia replying “c’mon, man – we don’t want to do that, it’s gross.”

The core issue serving as the abstract animator of the conflict between these two superpowers is a position on man-on-man anal sex. This is a fact.

What flag are the protesters against Vladimir Putin flying?

It’s often women flying the flag, which should be strange, given that women cannot engage in this act (no, I do not believe in lesbianism, and even if lesbianism exists, it’s not what the flag implies).

It speaks to both nations’ stability. Russia’s “seriously though, we don’t want to do the gay stuff” is possibly a stronger abstraction than “we love the gay stuff.” But Russia has struggled almost as much as America after the fall of communism to put together a coherent national identity. Some right-wingers in the West imagine Russia as some white Christian paradise, and it really isn’t that. In comparison to the US it obviously is, but just measured objectively on its own, it has a lot of problems, and is not really maintaining a positive identity.

I was on /pol/ the other day, and someone posted an image from a pornography site showing that the overwhelming majority of the women in the videos were Russian. If the average Russian were to hear that particular fact, they probably would not have very strong feelings about it either way. That’s probably legitimately symbolic of the ambiguousness of 21st century Russian values.

What’s more, there are still monuments to communism everywhere in the country, and if you asked the average Russian what they thought of that, they’d probably give a similar response to their response on Russian women being overwhelmingly disproportionately involved in pornography. Communism is a less straightforwardly negative thing than the pornography issue, and it is reasonable for Russians to be ambiguous about it. However, it does speak to the lack of a clear national identity to have very little to say about what was, up until 30 years ago, the nation’s definite and absolute identity.

I would say that “come on, we don’t want to do that gay stuff” is more of a defining identity of the Russians than “come on, it’s time for the gay stuff” is for Americans, however. Presumably, if you were to get real opinions, most white Americans (more than 65%) are not especially enthusiastic about anal sex, and if you polled the whole multiracial cesspit of America, you would still get less than 50% on-board with anal enthusiasm. Conversely, an absolute majority of Russians are strongly against man-on-man anal masturbation.

Neither “it’s time for the butt stuff” nor “c’mon, man, no” are sustainable national ideals, obviously. The difference is that Russians could, without the pressure of the West, develop some kind of self-identity around race and religion (which are the only two possible pillars of a real national identity), whereas the US has literally nothing at all. The American state propagandists are floating this concept of “scientific rationalism,” but that is utterly impossible.

On the issue of homosexuality alone, a rational scientist would have to conclude that there are literally no upsides, unless you’re attempting to control the birthrate. It’s a very unhealthy lifestyle and has negative effects in virtually every measurable category, both on the individual and the society at large. A rational man would do his best to reduce the prevalence of homosexuality.

You can then go all the way down the line, and find that in reality, none of the core concepts of the Western ethos can stand up to objective, rational scrutiny, as would be done with statistical data. Perhaps paradoxically, a purely objective analysis would ultimately conclude that religion – that is, a belief in non-scientific, unquantifiable metaphysical truth, rooted in tradition and held together by myth – leads to a quantifiably healthier society.

The goal of the West, however, is to consume the world in evil, and invert natural morality. This is not meant to be a sustained identity – it is instead a goal, which is meant to be achieved. This is, frankly, satanism. The rainbow is a cutesy symbol, and the gays themselves are all cutesy and silly seeming, but the fact is there is no purer violation of the order of nature – that is, nothing more satanic – than ramming your penis into another man’s anus, and expelling the seed that creates life into his feces. You can get into darker versions of this, with children, with murder and cannibalism and so on, but as a straightforward matter, sodomy is the most rudimentary satanic act.

Therefore, the Russian inverse is a rudimentary opposition to satanism.

The “Anti-Satan” Thing Should Have Been Explicit

Russia could have and absolutely should have staked out a more active anti-satanism position on the international stage. It would have been very good for the country in the long run. If Russia had advertised itself as a Christian nation, and the brilliant defender of Christian values in a dark age of weird perversity, instead of the “please, just leave us alone and let us sell gas” country, it would have resonated with a lot of Americans and Western Europeans – maybe not the sickening godless British, but most of the rest of them – and ultimately even with Eastern Europeans (who all hate Russians).

Putin would be standing on a lot stronger ground if he was framing the current aggression from the West in the same way Iran frames that aggression. Americans are looking around their country and feeling as though Satan himself is running it, but when the Ayatollah calls America “the Great Satan,” Americans get all rustled up. If Putin, a normal-looking white man, was saying the same thing, rather than using this bland language of democracy and free association, he’d get a much different response.

I’m a big supporter of Putin, and I think much of what he’s done has been amazing. The Ukraine thing was definitely not amazing. But he’s held the country together after it was destined to fall, and he is a great man of history, probably existing now exclusively with Xi Jinping and Recep Erdogan as a truly monumental figure. (Tucker Carlson could be such a figure, maybe. Nick Fuentes could be. Donald Trump, unfortunately, was not such a figure.)

That said, on the national stage, Putin is always the “please just leave me alone” guy. His rhetoric is bland, even whilst the content is typically very good. I think his persona could carry a message of White Christian solidarity, but his advisors seem to believe that he can rationalize with the intelligentsia of the West using their useless terminology.

He has in the past used the terms “white” and “Christian” casually. He’s even told the Moslems who live in Russia that it’s a Christian country and they must conform to white, Christian norms. So he has no opposition to this on principle. But for whatever reason, in these statements he makes which he knows will be picked up in the Western media, he uses very dull language. His speech this week against the West, wherein he stated that Russia would respond “asymmetrically” to a NATO incursion, was interesting. I of course loved the reference to Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. But the statement seemed more targeted at domestic audiences than even at Washington bureaucrats, which is very strange, given that he knew it would be picked up by all Western media.

Americans have no idea why the government of Joe Biden is attempting to provoke a war with Russia. Russia clearly understands that there is a global domination agenda at work. Why would you not take the opportunity of a large statement announcing that you will use nuclear weapons to point out that the Western agenda is satanic?

This was a 10,000-word speech (full transcript), and I believe the words “God” and “satanic global agenda” could have been worked in there.

Much of the speech was opaque, and as regards the parts which dealt with the US war agenda, an American would hear this and say “he doesn’t want to be invaded and he’s saying if he gets attacked he’s going to fight back.” I think it would be better for everyone if Americans had heard “he said the West is pushing a global satanic agenda and he will defend his nation against it.”

Joe Biden is asking the American people to go to war with Russia over a border dispute left over from the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s all too confusing for most people to even process, and they don’t really seem to be thinking about it.

It’s All Very Strange

I’m just observing and doing a bit of spitballing.

It looks more and more as though the US military is going to start a war with Russia, and I think it is helpful to understand what this means.

For some reason, the other day I listened to like 2 hours of Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. I listened to Hurricane, about Rubin Carter, a black boxer who was (I believe legitimately) wrongly imprisoned for a murder. The song is this big long story, which proposes the idea that the cops framed him (which is a stretch) because he was active in pro-black politics. In the voice of the police, Dylan (Zimmerman) sings: “that sonovabitch is brave and gettin’ braver.”

Since hearing that, every time I see Joe Biden mumbling incoherently, I think: “that sonovabitch is brave and getting braver.” It’s very funny to me, though I think it’s one of these things that is so funny in my head, but is kind of impossible to translate to the reader. But, to try: Joe Biden is senile, and obviously the opposite of brave. However, his administration is ratcheting up every conceivable form of pressure, both domestically and internationally. The machine that Biden presides over is a rabid dog, and most people are still having a difficult time processing this, because going back to the caves, we’ve always had the idea of a leader being in charge.

You look at Joe Biden and think: “wait, so… this guy is fomenting a race war in the US, while also attempting to provoke wars with China and Russia? He’s doing that between his post morning shows nap and his daytime shows?”

The really strange thing is that if you look at the people around him, none of them seem to be on the ball either. I had a different view of Antony Blinken, given that he is a neocon Jew, but I now feel that he appears innocuous. He actually seems quite friendly, and I feel a little bit bad for him. I’m just saying that frankly. Maybe I’m getting soft, but I feel bad writing nasty things about him, because I think he just wants to jam out.

The thing here is: unlike Mike Pompeo, I don’t even think Blinken is a hard enough man to serve as a point of contact for the beastly forces of darkness. I think that aside from getting dressed down and humiliated by a standard razor-like Chinese nerd, ordering the anal flag at US embassies is probably the most significant thing Blinken has done thus far.

At the Department of Defense, they installed a literal black guy.

As far as I can tell, this entire government is effectively unconnected to the movements of the US military – as in, completely unconnected. As in, the people making the decisions about these troops’ movements may or may not decide to call up Anthony Blinken and tell him where the troops are going. They may just let him read it in the New York Times.

It’s very different from the Trump era, where we knew where the power lied.

We also don’t really know from whence the stacks of executive orders on Biden’s desk are coming from. Those are less mysterious than the military movements. But they are still relatively mysterious.

Just Do What You Can Do for Yourself

We should remember that God exists, and He has promised to take care of those that follow Him. So, we should all do our best to do that, and not worry so much about the bigger issues.

There are big things, such as God’s command to leave the lands of Babylon. I think that can be pretty clearly understood to mean that we should move our families out of the big cities. As far out as we can afford to be. I’ve talked about this nonstop, and you all know my position: whatever city you live in, you can move an hour outside of it, add a two-hour daily commute, and the money you save will make those two hours probably higher paying than your job itself. This way, you can end up having very little to do with the Babylon whore and BEAST system. You or your wife can get on the school board and make sure there is no tranny indoctrination or critical race theory.

Speaking of your wife: you’re a lot more likely to be able to hold your marriage together outside of the city. Obviously, no one thinks their marriage is going to collapse until it starts to collapse, but statistically, your chances are horrible. They’re going to be a lot better if you get a piece of land and give that bitch something to do. Send her out with a hoe, give her stupid, meaningless tasks. If she’s working now, the money you save by moving can get her out of work. She would rather spend that time with your children, or chopping up vegetables. If you demand fully cooked meals made from scratch from whole foods, this can end up taking most of the day.

You can also send her on wild goose chases.

Besides that, the number one thing I tell everyone is to stop looking at porn. I understand that if you’re not married, no-fap can lead to erections at the gym and so on. So don’t be too hard on yourself if one gets rubbed out in the shower (though that should still be avoided, as it is a total defacement of your body). But the porn is just the worst. Those images will never leave your mind, and they are literally satanic images. Most of this porn now actually has anal, even if it is hetero porn.

The other thing that is a big deal is that God tells you your body is a temple. You should honor that by not being fat.

Keep good hygiene and look nice.

Also, be fair in your dealings and don’t rip people off. Be as honest as possible as a rule. Obviously, sometimes you do have to lie, to protect yourself or others, but any lie that cannot be justified thusly should not be spoken.

Don’t let people take advantage of you, but be generous when you can be. Giving money to the homeless isn’t helpful, but you should always help your friends whenever you can, and kindness to strangers is a good policy. Don’t listen to satanic music.

Don’t be led around by women. If you have women who have control over your life, this is a sin. Be wary of women generally, as their agendas are always fundamentally evil.

You can’t stop a World War, and being neurotic and worrying all the time about things you can’t control is decadent and self-indulgent.

Let go of the anger. If you have anger, you have the spirit of a woman in you, and you need to forgive your mother for all of those horrible things she did to you. She didn’t mean to, she is just stupid and sadistic and she couldn’t help herself.

Try to mentor any young people in your vicinity, and keep them off drugs, and inform them of the futility of putting energy into women.

Just do things that you know are right things to do, and God will reward you with His graces. He sees everything you do, and He does the math on it.

If you simply profess the name of Jesus Christ, you will be rewarded for it.

Focus on the things that are in your control. I guarantee that if you look around your life, you will find a lot of different places where you can help yourself, and others.

You see the evil around you, everywhere now. It is thick in the air like a gooey sludge.

But that angels may protect those who strive for righteousness.